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Thread: What type of gun do you typically carry for you concealed?

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    The Beretta 92 is a VERY nice weapon, for someone who wants a good home defense/range gun it is an excellent choice.
    I carry a Bersa Thunder .380 or else a Thunder .32 both are accurate and depandable and easy to conceal. Keep the .380 loaded with Hornady Critical Defense or Corbon Pwrball ammo, the .32 always use FMJ for best penetration. People need to use a gun that they shoot well, be it a .22 or a .45 if you are confident with it and shoot accurately then do it.

  3. I carry a Springfield Armory XD40 until I can obtain an XD(M)40. I start off with thirteen rounds of .40 S&W Hornady Critical Defense rounds, with a second magazine holding twelve rounds. I am 5'5" and weigh in at just over 200 lbs, and I wear the SA in a Blackhawk Serpa holster with no problems. I have yet to have any kind of malfunction, although I know sooner or later I will get a bad round, Like the Silvertip I got when I was on the job, with no lead in the aluminum nose. The XD operates just like a DA revolver, so I don't have to worry about missing the safety lever.
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  4. What I carry each day depends on activities I am doing, where I'm at, how I'm dressed, and the weather.

  5. registration is not required in Arkansas so no it will not matter if it's in your name or your husband's name

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    I carry a full-size Glock 22 (.40 cal) most of the time. I also have a Glock 23 (also .40) which is just slightly smaller and sometimes carry that. When it is a particularly difficult day to conceal, or if I want a back up gun, I carry a Sig Sauer P238 (.380 cal).

    So long story short... I usually carry the G22 with the P238 as a BUG.

    I personally would not trust the .22 for an EDC. The .380 is pushing it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Amie Puckett Adams View Post
    When we got the gun last week, the salesman stated because we live in the same house and he is my husband that it was okay that it was in his name
    1. please don't depend on salesmen for legal info
    2. if the gun never left your home it would be ok to have it in the hubby's name, however you said that YOU were getting a permit to carry, if so it would be better to have the gun in your name

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    Glock 19 or 26 depending on what shirt I'm wearing.

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    What type of gun do you typically carry for you concealed?

    I've switched from a Glock 19 and 22 to a SIG 1911 5" chambered in .45ACP. I carry it summer and winter with 2 backup 8rd mags. I live in the communist state CT. So I figured that what I can't carry in capacity I'll make up in caliber. I have found a goo holster and gunbelt make all the difference in weight distribution and concealment.
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    What type of gun do you typically carry for you concealed?

    Lately, either an XDm 9mm compact with 13rd std mag (with Pearce grip) and an extra 19rd ext mag or a Ruger SR9c with a 10rd std mag and an extra 17rd ext mag. Both in Old Faithful IWB holsters. Also have an XDm .45 ACP compact that I can carry with a 9rd std mag (with Pearce grip) and an extra 13rd ext mag. Both XDm models fit in the same holster.

    Prefer the SR9c... feels better concealed and lighter, but slight trade off with ammo capacity (compared to XDm). Haven't determined which I get drawn, on target, and 3 shots (2 COM + 1 head shot) off better. Both pretty equal. Seem to be able to get my grip better with the Ruger, though.

    All have Federal LE HST loaded (9mm 124gr +P and .45 230gr +P). All run flawlessly.
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    What type of gun do you typically carry for you concealed?

    Walther PPK 380, stainless steel with cherry wood grips, loaded with Hornady Critical Defense.

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