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Thread: What type of gun do you typically carry for you concealed?

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    Most people who aren't as knowledgeable about guns as the members of this site are assume that when you purchase a gun, it is automatically "registered" to the purchaser, even if that state doesn't have a registry. My state, Indiana, doesn't have a gun registry, but people I know who have been longtime gun owners (longer than I've been alive) still talk about being the "registered" owners of their guns.

    My primary carry weapon as of late has been an Arcus 98DA, which I carry cocked and locked.

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  3. What type of gun do you typically carry for you concealed?

    Beretta M9A1 for me. Having carried it and qualified with it in the service I was most comfortable with this 9mm.

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    I carry a Colt Combat Commander or an S&W M&P 357. Sig full size every day :)

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    Even MA isn't that bad. I carry mine and when I am lazy I carry my wife's S&W Bodyguard. LTC-A let's you carry any gun here, doesn't matter who owns it. As long as you didn't steal it. But if you did and got caught they would give you a firm slap on the wrist, make you tell them where you stole it from and then arrest the legal owner for not keeping it secure enough.

  6. I have carry my XDm .45 4.5 but I use that for mainly home and winter carry, now I carry as often as I can my XDs with an extra 7 rds mag.

  7. Springfield XDs 45 in a Crossbreed holster.

  8. I tend to carry what's comfortable...meaning that I've finally found a comfortable holster.
    Currently, i've settled on my Taurus CH85SS stainless snubby in a Mika pocket holster.
    Maximum comfort, minimum hassle.
    Speedloaders are a PITA though.

    Next is my Glock 30SF, in a crossbreed IWB, very comfortable, but a bit more hassle, as I have no waist anymore so I have to wear suspenders to keep my pants from falling down...:)

    I have a LC9 with a Mika pocket holster, works pretty good, but I need more time with this setup.
    I have a Galco Stinger OWB backordered for the LC9, if that works, it could be the best yet!

    I'm thinking of getting another crossbreed for my Colt LW Commander...
    Not totally sold on the condition one yet...

    So many guns, so little carry time!
    Ruger LC9
    Colt LWC

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    Warmer months usually a Glock 26 with a Glock 17 magazine as spare.

    Winter months usually a Glock 21C.

    If I'm going to be in the woods, I'll carry my 3" S&W 29 with 240 gr HP for the woods and I'll change to 180 gr HP when I get back to town.
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  10. i hope you have luck with your kel-tec than i did . i am not going to go into the problems i had with gun , but i will say after sending it to the factory six weeks later when i got it back it still had problems . the happiest day i had was when i traded it in ! ! ! ! G O O D L U C K

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    Smith and wesson Full size 1911 OWB or a SP101, 5 shot .357 (Mostly OWB but sometimes IWB). One or the other.
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