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Thread: IL finally did it. In case you haven't heard

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    They'll just make it so hard to get a permit only the mayor of Chicago and the governor will be able to get one.

  3. Illinois is the most corrupt states in the USA. It's been run by azzhole s since the 20's. I would not spend a nickel in that state ever!!!

  4. Not so fast. As crappy as this bill is, don't be surprised if Quinn doesn't get a court to stop the whole thing. It will be a miracle if honest citizens are allowed to legally defend themselves on the streets of Chicago by the end of the year.

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    I just moved out of Illinois in February. I always said that concealed carry wouldn't pass without Madigan's OK and I still don't trust them!

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    Now they're working on 10 round magazines, also heavy fines & prison for AR & sporting rifle magazines:
    URGENT ALERT - Magazine Ban on the Move in the Illinois Senate

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    Happy I never had to live in Il
    CW5 Retired, Master Army Aviator and MTFE (1970-2005).

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    Rahm only wants the criminals to have guns in Chicago. Being one himself he understands quite well why this is important. They already have a monopoly on the citizen's so called security...

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