BEEN A WHILE, Hows things?
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Thread: BEEN A WHILE, Hows things?

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    BEEN A WHILE, Hows things?

    Figured i'd stop in & see whats going on & tell you guys about my Sig Sauer win. I entered their Sweepstakes in January & Won a Sig P-224 SAS in .40 S&W.
    Gonna use it for my primary conceal carry piece. Have only carried open when I was security, Any good holster suggestions? Chest or inside Waistband? Never did the concealed gig....

    Dont know what is going on with Sig, but I didnt even get notice that I won it till mid April. Seem strange to you guys? January's gun ended in Jan 31. 2.5 months to notify...
    Feels like they were waiting to see if Legislation was going to go through...
    Anyway, Hope all are doing well here...

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    I have found in the waist carry the best for me. Appendix and cross draw. I never ware a shirt that can not be left out of the pants. My back up gun is in the front pocket. Today I have my SP101 IWB my LCR357 in the Right Front Pocket and a 442 in the Left Front Pocket. With Speed Strips for Reloads. I don't kneed a Gym Membership, I carry 5 to 6 pounds of gear every day all day.

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