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    SEVERAL (30?) years ago I had a .22 mag. in one of those 'belt buckle gun holders'. Push the button and it falls into your hand. Cool! So I thought. I stopped in a rest area to 'use the facility's' and dam if I didn't hit that stupid button. I guess you can guess where the gun went. Never again! And I have also gone out and forgot my wallet. Same feeling you had.

  3. So far I've walked out the door without my knife, spare magazine or keys on occasion, but never without my wallet. I've gotten to the point of keeping a spare house-key in my wallet for such times. It usually dawns on my when I reach the vehicle and have no key or remote to open the door. LOL.

  4. Oops! :-/

    I find it to be complete BS that here in SC your permit has to be on you any time you carry. So whether or not I have that damn card with me can determine if I'm a criminal or not...

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    Speaking of running off and leaving their gun in the bathroom. That happened to an officer that I used to work with at a hospital on a prisoner transport. In his defense we were working a 20 hour day that day. The inmate went to the bathroom and found his gun. Talk about a nervous moment. Luckily the inmate let him know about the weapon and didnt do what he could have done.

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    If your state allows, get a replacement CHL and permanently put it in your car with the registration, or something. Here in TN, you can get a replacement for like $10.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by JCliff View Post
    "Checklist" is an excellent mindset for leaving the house. Wallet, cellphone, keys, gun...1,2,3, 4. I do it every time. Not saying I could never forget, but I haven't yet and don't think I will.

    I will agree with carrying your wallet on your weak side. Good idea. But what on earth are you basing the rest of this on? If it won't fit in your front pocket it's not a CCW gun? If you're not a pocket-gun person you shouldn't carry? Nonsense. During cooler times of the year I frequently conceal carry a full-size 1911. I promise you you won't see it until it's time for business...
    I was thinking the same thing! If it won't fit in my pocket its not a CCW gun?? That would eliminate 90% of my handguns.

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    I made that mistake twice... twice too many in my book. Same sick feeling in my stomach.

    I ended up getting an ID wallet specifically for my permits and DL. I know make a routine as I strap on my holster, I holster that wallet with it. Since doing so, I've never been without my ID's... I still have forgotten my wallet with cash and credit cards thought.. lol.
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    Quote Originally Posted by AndeyHall View Post
    I find it to be complete BS that here in SC your permit has to be on you any time you carry. So whether or not I have that damn card with me can determine if I'm a criminal or not...
    Andey, someone posted this site on here, has all pending laws in each state. Write or call your State Senator and support Proposed South Carolina Gun Law S0115 - Constitutional Carry Act. It does away with permits and basically removes all restrictions other than those imposed by current NICS checks.

    American Gun Owners Alliance

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    Never did that but my cwp accidently got put were I put my licenses one time. You should of seen the look of the cashier that carded me for the beer I was buying.

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    I did it last week. Drove halfway to the dojo and was in a drive thru before I realized that I forgot my wallet. Since it was too late to turn around, I dropped my kid off, stowed the gun and drove home. It could have been a triple whammy since we were going fishing afterwards and I've had it checked by the same DNR agent about 4 or 5 times now in multiple locations.

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