locked breech 380's could be loaded for much more power.
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Thread: locked breech 380's could be loaded for much more power.

  1. locked breech 380's could be loaded for much more power.

    if you shorten 38 super cases to 9x18JB length (ie, 18 mm) there's room left in the magazine for 90 gr jhp length bullets. By making the bullet out of aluminum rod, the hp can be 45 grs in weight. By incorporating a huge hollowbase cavity, like the THV Arcane bullet did, you can get (safely) 1700 fps out of a keltec 380, for 290 ft lbs. That's double the power offered by typical factory 380 jhps (which don't expand in flesh). the hi-v aluminum hp load does expand in animals, so it's not wasting power on the far side of the man. Somebody is missing a good financial bet by not offering such rechambering of locked breech 380 barrels and such ammo. 45 grs at 1700 fps has the exact same recoil as 90 grs at 850 fps, guys. but the latter has a mere 145 ft lbs. With 4-5 hits per second, and such ammo, the 9 oz 380 puts to shame the .25, the .32, the .22 magnum, and the size and weight make the .38 snub a joke, too. The P3AT can be worn on a necklace, at the back of the neck, down in side of a shirt, or be hidden by long hair. With long sleeves, it can be carried in a wristband holster, it's very easy to "miss" in a search, if it's worn on the inside of the upper arm, too. :-)

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    I believe that bullets as you describe would be illegal. Some years back PMC made tubular copper bullets with a gas check on the back. IIRC they were made in .44 Magnum and .38 SPL. The .38's were a 66 gr. bullet @ 4110fps. I was told that they were able to go through both sides of a ballistic vest like air. I heard, but cannot verify that they were out about a month and the BATF said, "No you don't."
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    Why load a .380 case to 9MM specs? Carry a 9MM!
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