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Thread: Clarification on CCW where alcoholic beverages are ssold and conssumed.

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    Other than the Castle Doctrine. We Orgonians get a Utah Permit to cover the reciprocity issue.
    Here are things that you have that we do not have:
    Restrictions like these,

    Public school property.

    • In any assembly where a fee has been charged for admission.

    • In any establishment where alcoholic beverages are sold and consumed.

    • In the State Capitol Building, the Executive Mansion, or the Western Residence of the Governor, or the grounds of any of these building.

    • In any building or portion of a building used for court purposes. (No guns here in court.)

    • In a law enforcement facility.

    • In a building housing only state, or government offices.

    • In any financial institution;.

    My point is that we have open carry and there is very little restrictions when it comes to
    where you can conceal carry. Guns and Ammo is wrong about Oregon.
    We do have anti gun supporters in Congress and the Governer. It is always a battle here.

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    I agree that the laws and regulations can be a bit confusing due to legal speak and that they should be put in more plain language. Citizens should be able to easily understand the laws that govern them and LEO should also have a clear cut law written that they can enforce fairly and consistently. Personally, I like living in VA with our CCW laws. When I look at some other states I understand that the citizens have worked very hard here to create more freedom. Being able to be a responsible gun owner who will carry in a bar/restaurant that sells alcohol for consumption on-site without drinking is refreshing. I am an adult and I know what I can and cannot do. No matter the law, carrying and drinking don't mix unless we all go back to riding horses and wearing dusters!

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    Effective October 1, North Carolina will allow concealed carry in restaurants that serve intoxicating beverage and in establishments that charge admission (i.e.: movie theaters, etc.) So long as the owner does not post a sign prohibiting concealed carry. Alcohol consumption is strictly prohibited. CHP holders will also be allowed to store a handgun in a vehicle on a school campus. These changes were signed into law by our governor last week. Silencers will also be legal for hunters effective October 1 ...

  5. Am very glad to see HB 937 get signed into law.

    It is still up to the consumer and responsible gun owners to ensure others know the impact of not doing it right though.

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