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    I hope I can contribute more useful posts ans I shall try to verify my information before posting. The only contribution of value from my first post is to use the federal transportation rules as a fall back position if you are not certain of the local laws.
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    My fall back position is to follow the Federal transportation rule (separate locked containers for firearms and ammunition, no loaded magazines)
    Respectfully, the "Federal transportation rule" that you refer to is 18 USC 926A. The law does not require magazines to be unloaded, nor does it require ammunition to be separated from the firearms.

    18 USC § 926A - Interstate transportation of firearms | Title 18 - Crimes and Criminal Procedure | U.S. Code | LII / Legal Information Institute

    Notwithstanding any other provision of any law or any rule or regulation of a State or any political subdivision thereof, any person who is not otherwise prohibited by this chapter from transporting, shipping, or receiving a firearm shall be entitled to transport a firearm for any lawful purpose from any place where he may lawfully possess and carry such firearm to any other place where he may lawfully possess and carry such firearm if, during such transportation the firearm is unloaded, and neither the firearm nor any ammunition being transported is readily accessible or is directly accessible from the passenger compartment of such transporting vehicle: Provided, That in the case of a vehicle without a compartment separate from the driver’s compartment the firearm or ammunition shall be contained in a locked container other than the glove compartment or console.
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    Be careful.....even though you may be in full compliance with the Fed's transportation laws, several of the restrictive states & cities (NJ, IL, NYC) allow such laws to be used only as an "affirmative defense". That's a fancy way of saying that you're guilty until proven innocent. You can still be arrested, have your firearms confiscated, etc., and have to go through all the associated BS just to clear the matter up. Also, Federal law does not permit you to bring banned weapons or magazines into states (i.e. assault rifles into NJ, hi-cap mags into CA, etc.). Any attempt to do so subjects you to the full penalty of law in those states regardless of current Federal laws and your compliance with them. Also, "traveling through" has different definitions in different states. Don't expect to be able to stay a week with your firearms locked in your trunk.
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    Within MO and FL, no. They both have preemption. But you didn't identify the "several states" you're going to drive through, so it's impossible to say if you'd have an issue with local restrictions. Your next door neighbor state of Illinois for instance does not have preemption. Local jurisdictions can and do pass their own restrictions, and it's virtually impossible to know them all.
    Don't count on your local library to have the scoop on concealed carry laws either. Most libraries don't have reliable information on the statutes within their own state, much less those of other states. The most reliable source for all state concealed carry laws is probably Handgunlaw.us, but even they may not be 100% accurate. Laws change all the time. It really depends on where you're going. A trip from Missouri to Florida for instance would pose no problem for you as long as you didn't pass through Illinois. All the states on that route recognize your Florida license. You could even pass through South Carolina, which doesn't recognize a non-resident Florida license, and still have no problem as long as you comply with the mandated travel requirements. That's because South Carolina isn't a draconian police state like Illinois.
    Going to avoid IL, we go through KY, TN, GA and AL. Didn't know if any citiess in these states would have a restriction and how to find out. Is that even possible, a state allows CCW permits but cities in those state say "not in our town"

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    No worries about local restrictions in those states. I travel through them fairly regularly. You don't even need a license or permit to have a loaded gun on the seat of your car while travelling in Georgia. I wouldn't want to be the one testing that out with a state trooper at my window, but that's what their law says.
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