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  1. Women's purse carry question...

    Thinking about getting my fiancé a Sig P938 to carry in her purse when she gets her CWP. What is a good way to carry as to not have to worry about accidental discharge? I thought about having it in a holster, but in a self defense situation, she may not have both hands available to get it out of the holster. It would be the same principle as not having one in the chamber. What have you guys seen women or your wives or whoever do?

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    There are purses designed specifically for carrying a gun. Built in holster. I've seen them for sale at my range.
    I'm always concerned the purse itself will be snatched & there goes your gun. Most women I know conceal the weapon on their person. IWB, Bra holster, etc.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Everclear View Post
    There are purses designed specifically for carrying a gun. Built in holster.
    This. It has to be in a separate compartment with the trigger area fully covered, just like on-body carry. I have one from Gun-Totin' Mamas that I get lots of compliments on (from people who don't know about the separate compartment - it's just a nice purse). They're not cheap, but around the same as a quality holster/belt combo - I think mine was about $70.

    Take a look at the Cornered Cat website (or better yet have her look) for a lot of woman-specific info, including explanations of the different ways to carry and pro/con of each.

  5. My CPL Instructor said to not get a purse to carry your weapon...because most of them need to be worn cross body and if a perp tries to steal the purse, and succeeds...there goes the weapon also. I do not usually wear clothing that has a waistband or pockets...but when I am alone...I dress so I can carry. I have an inside the waistband holster for my Ruger LCP and its very comfortable, and easy to carry even when I am not wearing a belt...usually though it is inside my purse, inside the holster, in the cell phone pocket of my normal purse...when I am with Hubby and he's carrying.

    Concealed Carry Purses are also very easy to spot. She'd be better off, in my opinion, to carry in one of those waist bags. But that is MY opinion.

    Congratulations on your upcoming marriage.

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    My wife has both S & W Bodyguards, revolver and .380 Semi, an XD9 Compact and an XD9 sub compact. She has both the top draw and the end draw pocketbooks, each with a holster built in. Her end draw is her favorite even though it will only carry the sub compact with the shorter magazine. She slips her hand into the end compartment, grabs the grip and if the purse is snatched she is left with her XD in her hand.

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    They also make holsters that are made to clip inside a purse. I guess that's assuming that there's something to clip it TO.
    This one says it can be: The Betty | flashbang holsters
    I just got this one, it's primarily an IWB, but I wear it clipped inside my front jeans pocket. Bottom line, it's pretty versatile.
    Oh and it's on sale right now for 35% off with the promo code FBsummer13. Of course I missed out on that. This same site also sells the bra holsters, two types, among several other kinds. All on sale.
    If she's set on a purse, or if that's the only way she can carry, some are better than others. Some have a pistol shaped pocket for the gun and others you would have a hard time getting them out in a hurry. I have three of them gathering dust in a closet.

  8. Thanks for all the info guys. I was kinda trying to steer away from the purses designed for concealed carry since she is a very "fashionable" person, and she likes her colorful and "cute" designer purses. All the concealed carry ones I've seen are black or brown leather...definitely not her style. Plus she already has a ton and likes to swap out about every week or so.

    We'll probably figure out some sort of IWB carry option for when her attire is suitable for that, however most days, for the majority of the day she will be in scrubs since she's a dental hygienist, so she'll probably wanna have it in her purse for when she's at work our out to lunch and stuff. I doubt scrubs would support a gun.

    I liked the one idea about the holster that clips inside the purse. And I even had the idea of finding a plain kydex holster and lining the outside with velcro and then putting a strip of velcro inside all her purses so that she could move he holster back and forth. I'd have to get something strong enough to hold the holster if the gun is pulled though.

    Thanks for all the ideas so far though! Hopefully I have been specific enough in this second post to help you guys come up with a more tailored solution.

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    I am a woman and I carry a Springfield XD Compact or Sub Compact (depending on my clothing that day) IWB. I am not a fan of purse carry for several reasons, but it's better than not having it with you at all...

    Purse Carry ? Why I Don?t Like It | Estes Leather Works

  10. Ok another thing I wanna know...the reason I was looking at the P938 over the P238 is because I hear so many horror stories about how a .380 didn't stop this or that bad guy. I know this dead horse has been beaten over and over, but one thing I haven't heard is whether or not a larger caliber would have done any better in those instances. Because I have seen and heard of people doing some pretty crazy stuff after being hit in some seemingly fatal places with large caliber pistol rounds. So I'm scared if she were to ever need to use it that the .380 wouldn't be enough, but at the same time I don't want to get something that's so dreadful for her to shoot that she's not going to want to practice with it. That happened to me with the Kel Tec PF9. 5 rounds and I was ready to quit. I dreaded taking that gun to the range. So what are your experiences and opinions on .380?

  11. I LOVE my Ruger LCP .380. I have shoulder problems and in a defense mode I will reach with my right arm automatically to defend myself...so the .380 is perfect for me in that aspect. Hubby has a 9mil that I can shoot lefty, at the range. I also like that I can carry it in my pocket when I am not able to have it in a holster on my belt...or in my purse (in the holster).

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