Which one for concealed carry?
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Thread: Which one for concealed carry?

  1. Which one for concealed carry?

    I am thinking about purchasing a concealable weapon. I want this to be my weapon in my car as well. I am thinking about either going with a smith and wesson m&p.45 or something like a glock 30s .45 that is subcompact. Don't think i can go wrong with either. Just wanted some opinions.
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    If you are planning on .45 for sure, I recommend you at least consider the Ruger SR1911. I have several Rugers in 9mm and .40 S&W and love how accurate they are, how they perform and how easy to field strip and clean. My EDC is a SR40C and is very dependable. I love my Rugers.
    -----I had a S&W Sigma 9mm and it was OK but I have found my Rugers much easier to shoot. The 1911 might be better than the Sigma but I have not shot it.
    -----Upon the recommendation of another Ruger owner on this forum, I tried the SR1911 at the range several weeks ago. It was a very sweet gun, fit my hand well, without much recoil and highly accurate. I had my son and a friend with me and they have other brands of 1911's and they were very impressed with the Ruger. I know this will be my next purchase. The person on the forum that recommended it said his wife loved it too, it was so easy to shoot. Don't mix this up with the Ruger SR45 as they are two separate guns. I would suggest you at least consider this gun. Price runs around $725-750 similar to the "new" Remington 1911. I hope this helps.
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  4. Have you considered the Glock 36? I bought one out of curiosity, and surprised myself. Now I carry it all the time, either as my primary or as a backup.

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    Take a look at Springfield Armory, either the XDs (my EDC) or one of the XDm's.
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    If at all possible, actually shoot all that you are considering buying to find which one fits YOU the best... I do recommend that for an everyday carry firearm you would do better with a poly framed one just for durability/rust resistance (not sure if any other than the glock qualifies that you are considering) Otherwise, you need to keep a close watch on the finish.... Keep 'em oiled!

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    Get the one that fits you the best. Try to shoot before you buy. I'm a big fan of the XDS and especially of the Glock 36.
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    Go with a 9mm it is cheaper to practice with.

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    Really think about how you will conceal. IMHO, comfort is one of the biggest factors. If it is uncomfortable you may be tempted to go without. I agree with the posters that mentioned poly-frame and 9mm, for the reasons they listed and the fact that a poly frame will be lighter (more comfortable). One theory I have heard on the matter is to remember that you aren't looking for a range gun. It doesn't have to be "comfortable" to shoot, it has to be comfortable to carry and you need to be able to hit your target with reliability.
    I carry a Ruger LC9 (IWB w/ Remora no-clip) and a LCP in the pocket as a BUG (DeSantis Nemesis pocket holster). Biggest reason for both is that they are light, I can shoot them well, and I can carry them regardless of what I am wearing.

  10. I keep my G36 in a DeSantis SOB holster. Even with the +2 extension, it's easy to conceal and comfortable to carry.

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    I would generally try and stick with 9mm. Reason? Cost of shooting, capacity, speed of follow up shots.

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