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Thread: Kansas : Now recongizes all State's CC licenses.

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    AS it should be for all states...WTG!!
    Due to the increased cost of Ammunition I will be forced to discontinue warning shots as of now! USAF Chief Master Sergeant, Retired, 1979-2005

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    Quote Originally Posted by eagleks View Post
    I have heard Kentucky does too, but I've yet to see anything that verifies that's true.... anyone know for sure ?
    Since 1998... http://www.kentuckystatepolice.org/conceal.htm#recip

  4. Awesome! I'm from Iowa, and travel to see family in Kansas City, Missouri all the time. Sometimes we venture into Kansas, and I hated locking up my pistol when we were crossing state lines.

  5. Best news in a while for concealed carry, I currently hold Mass, Utah, Florida, Maine, Connecticut. So I have a lot of the country covered, but more reciprocity would be better!!!!

  6. It sure would be nice to just to just be able to hop on my motorcycle and ride where I want to go, with out having to look at the reciprocal map.

  7. Now only if GA would do the same thing then I can go to one and not to have to keep 2 or I could drive around GA on my way to AL and OK. Things are look like they are getting better.

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