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  1. So what are the stipulations for an Illinois permit so far and are they changing anything that was put into motion ???

  3. Unloaded?

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    Yes we have safe passage. If you stop pistol (unloaded) may go in case (glovebox center console) with loaded magazine next to it but not in it.

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    I didn't see a requirement that the pistol be unloaded UNLESS you are taking it to the trunk for storage. As *I* read the bill you may have a loaded concealed pistol inside the vehicle. You must unload that pistol before you take the pistol out of the vehicle.

  4. Congratulations Illinois I am happy for you guys and gals. Now what do we need to do here in New Jersey to join the ranks. Because technically New Jersey is a right denied state because you can be a model citizen and youíre not getting a CCW here in New Jersey. Unless your ex-law enforcement you are not getting one period. Here in NJ we have politicians that donít follow the rules. I am sure you all heard about the assembly canceling a gun control vote in the middle because it wasnít going their way. This is what we deal with. here it is if you haven't

    BREAKING: NJ Democrats Rig Committee Votes to Pass Gun Bill After it Was Originally Going to be Defeated

    First the double speak

  5. And now the vote

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