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  1. Now I understand I am reading the map correctly but the difference is your home state you need to review. Got it, and thanks. I was going to the map, clicking on fl non-resident and del comes up as blue but it doesn't take into account your home state.

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    Jrs, I know what you're getting at, however I have to disagree that the notion of holding or using a non-resident license was to avoid issues with questionable backgrounds. Are you aware of any instances where people were deliberately pursuing and using these to avoid being denied a resident license in Pennsylvania? I only ask because I would be surprised to find out that another state issuing a non-resident license would somehow miss an applicant's criminal background while processing a license for someone that is specifically not a resident of the state to which they are applying. The point I am simply driving at is that it seems ridiculous that some states, from what it would appear Delaware being just one, are so intentionally difficult or laborious about the process while other states can accomplish the same result with a lot less pain. I'm less inclined to stand in defense of the state's process and cry foul when someone uses the accepted provisions to achieve the same net effect, and more inclined to cite the state as having an overtly bureaucratic process in place for its citizens to prove their trust as upstanding citizens with the right to protect themselves. Just my two cents...
    It's my understanding that the PA situation was pointed primarily at Philly, where thugs and gang members who were not yet in the system or who did not yet have anything on their records which would disqualify them would get Fla Non-Resident permits. You can't necessarily be denied "by association", so you had elements associated with gangs that had nothing on their records (yet) which disqualified them.... so when they were found with weapons in their possession, they were 'technically' legal to carry in Philly. Additionally, the gangs had their members and associates coming in from nearby states...with Fla Non-Resident permits...again without permits from their home states. This put law enforcement into a tough spot fighting the violence in Philly.

    As for a laborious process...check out the thread regarding issuance of permits in Erie County in the New York State section. It's now taking about 1.5 years, with interviews of your references, etc... only to be issued a permit with hunting and target restrictions after over a year wait. Then you get to re-apply for an unrestricted permit after a number of years, in which you basically prove you're not an idiot during the time you've had a 'restricted' permit. The WHOLE POINT of this laborious system is to discourage the citizenry from pursuing carry permits and even owning a handgun(you cannot possess a handgun in NY without a permit...period.

    The point of my post was not to suggest that you were trying to get around your home state regulations for questionable purposes, but the anti-gun, anti-universal reciprocity lobbies will point to instances like this to further limit our ability to obtain the necessary permits for interstate travel and to thwart legislation for national reciprocity.

    The PA case affects me personally since my business takes me on roads that meander across the NY-PA border....so while I was legal in PA with my Florida Non-Res permit, I am no longer. BTW, I have a FL non-res permit as I own property in FL. I now have to go to the Sherriff's office and obtain yet another permit to be legal there. In the meantime, even if the road I'm on traverses the border for a very short distance, I need to unload and secure my pistol and ammo separately to be legal.

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