Florida permit for Delaware?
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Thread: Florida permit for Delaware?

  1. Florida permit for Delaware?

    can someone tell me if the non resident Florida CC. is accepted by Delaware for a Delaware Resident? was thinking of getting Florida CC instead of jumping through all the hoops in Delaware. if I'm reading the info right, they don't accept but I want to be sure.
    thanks Dave L.

  3. I believe to get a non resident ccw from Florida you have to have a resident ccw from your state. You have to send them your certificate of training from your state before they will issue a non resident ccw.
    1SG Rod Halford(U.S. Army Retired)
    LM NRA

  4. Not true hot rod. You can get a nonresident FL CCW with no other CCW's. Delaware does honor Non resdient FL CCW's.

  5. usacarry.com is a great resource for all your needs.

  6. I just checked the map on US Carry and it shows Delaware only accepts resident Florida CCW
    1SG Rod Halford(U.S. Army Retired)
    LM NRA

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    If you are a resident of Delaware you MUST have a Delaware CCW. The only time a FL non resident works in DE is if you are NOT a resident of DE. If you hold a DE drivers lic. And are caught CC'ing and you present a FL Non resident you will go to jail.

  8. Hot rod, that is the way I'm reading the map as well. training is not an issue that I already have. just was looking at a less hoop filled option and also less expensive way out.

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    No such thing in DE Dave. I just went through the entire process. $375 later and months of waiting I got my permit.

  10. fishhunter911, thanks, just wanted to make sure I was reading info correctly. thanks all, Dave

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    No problem and good luck! If you need a place to take the CCW course PM me and I will give you the info where I took mine.

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