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    Back to the subject.

    The laws here in Arkansas are very basic and very grey when it comes to many specific situations such as car carry and whether it can be somewhat open or must be concealed. They are unfortunately able to be interpreted broadly and as desired by leos. Just being able to read the written law by no means you understand how it is applied so we come here to get opinions from others that have either already asked or had leo experiences to relate to.

    Part two losing your "chcl" , or equivalent, is like losing your cell phone or your wallet. **** happens. It does not make you foolish or retarded.

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    Looks like everyone is so concerned so here it is. Yes my state of NC does require a permission slip and is a must tell state. Yes I do keep a pocket sized constitution in my truck for those liberal trolls who think they have an argument and yes it works pretty well. As far as my screen name I kept it from my dirt track days fear Harley Davidson. Any other questions of who I am,
    Did you ride an xr750?

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