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Thread: Are you sure this is still considered Conceal Carry?

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    You say IWB is not comfortable. If you re-consider, here are a few things that might be helpful. If necessary, get your pants a size bigger. If you can carry at 3 o'clock comfortably this shouldn't be as uncomfortable (unlike small of back or appendix) with frequent sitting/standing. You must also have a comfortable holster. I won't get into that, but there are a few threads on here with a multitude of opinions on holsters. You might also consider pocket carry. I am sitting at my desk with a .380 in a DeSantis Nemesis pocket holster and there is no discomfort, no one can tell what is there, etc.

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    Since you were thorough enough to question your local sheriff (gestapo or whatever other word works in NY) and he said it was NOT legal carry because it is a holster and a holster cannot be visible I think you have your answer. The question is simply your risk tolerance (sorry, I am an investment adviser so I'm always dealing with "risk"). Can you tolerate the low likelyhood that you might get nailed? By the way, congrats on being as diligent as you have been in researching this situation. Plus now you have all this free advice on questions you didn't ask and don't care about lol, you gotta love people trying to help.
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    Yes, it's concealed as far as the law on the gun is concerned, obviously not otherwise. But as someone else said something to the effect of "concealed like a fanny pack" so your probably attracting more attention to yourself with this carry method. IWB should not be uncomfortable with any good IWB, let alone with a BG380. If you'd like better options that are less conspicuous I'd say SmartCarry, Tuckable IWB, or Ankle Carry over the pouch. But in the end whatever works for you.

  5. I sent this back and will get a refund. Just can not feel comfortable ablout it although it was very comfortable to wear.

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    Concealed, but too slow to draw in my opinion.

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    Definitely concealed, and better than nothing. What about the Sneaky Pete holster instead? Looks good and I've heard a bunch of good things about it.

    Upside down carry is definitely weirding me out a bit.
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  8. It would be considered concealed in most places (barring local laws with unusual wording). Whether its a good idea is another question (and the answer is: no).

  9. That is certainly concealed. In Sullivan County, NY, I'm sure it would be acceptable, and I feel like it's within the law statewide. I'd be confident carrying that way in terms of remaining lawful.

    I wouldn't feel confident, however, actually trying to draw from it to defend my life! Ha.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wolf_fire View Post
    But if we put lipstick on that case, it would still be a poor case! ;)

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    Quote Originally Posted by nybuckboy View Post
    Here is a link to Bulldog Holster pouch I purchased for my S&W Bodyguard .380

    It fits just right in the pouch, it draws just like this video shows but lawfully. My question is is this absolutely Conceal Carry? Thanks for your thoughts.

    Read your state's gun law. It would seem that if you cannot see the firearm in any way,shape or form, it is concealed--it is really that simple.

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