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Thread: Are you sure this is still considered Conceal Carry?

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    How many noticed in this guy's presentation (at 1:12), that he said taking your pointer finger and finding a tiny hole and pushing that finger through that hole to push the gun up is considered a "gross motor skill".

    Um, no. That is a perfect example of a fine motor skill. I'd love to see someone undergo a holster draw with this contraption under stress. I'm sure there would be lots of fumbling and bumbling going on, because under duress fine motor skills are the first to be lost.
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    Yes it is............needed extra characters

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    Quote Originally Posted by JohnD13 View Post
    It's probably "technically" concealed, but I think an IWB holster from a good maker would be faster from under a loose shirt in hot weather.
    or- pocket carry w/holster. (I think both IWB & pocket carry would be much better and faster.)

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  5. Quote Originally Posted by nybuckboy View Post
    Here is a response after sending pictures and info on the this to my local Pistol Licensing Office in NY. Interesting view point.

    I am not telling you not to wear it. Give it a trial run down at local PD and see if anyone says anything to you. All I can confirm is a holster may not be worn outside the cloths in a public format other than at an NRA sponsored range.

    So we both know it is a holster, the question is what is the risk level you are willing to take to carry a firearm in that fashion, so you know, I am not going to blow you into the cops if you choose to carry in that fashion, but we both know under NY law it is not a legal carry.
    In New York?!? Really? Wow. What nut job gave that advice to give it a try at the local PD? I would put a cell phone in it - but then at the local NY PD they would probably still arrest you for impersonating a man with a gun or some such BS. If you really want to wear it, bring it to WA where it would be perfectly legal (with a recognized permit/license) - even in the public areas of the Police Departments where the officers would probably get a good laugh out of it.
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  6. Gawd I hate these holsters. Walking through Costco (yes, I was carrying... in an ankle rig) I noticed two tactical fanny-packs and a gigantic Sneaky Pete holster. Costco must have a policy where they only confront those whos guns they can see. However, these guys might as well have been open-carrying. Might as well have a big neon sign saying you're carrying.
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  7. In answer to your question.'s concealed! Hidden, whatever you want to call it. I have one and it is surprisingly easy to draw, but I've never used it. I saw a guy wearing one once and immediately recognized it. Those TCP's are so small & light it's hard to imagine it being hard to comfortably conceal with good IWB or pocket holster. I hate ankle holsters, but even the TCP might work without feeling like a club foot.

  8. I've never seen any man wearing a fanny pack that didn't look ridiculous, but that's just my opinion. Since all jeans come with at least four big pockets what would you possibly wear a fanny pack for except to conceal a weapon. Same goes for the the product in this thread, even if it meets CC requirements what else could it contain but a gun. With smart phones PDA's are in the technology history bin, and nobody's cell phone is that big. I'm a big guy so OWB is most comfortable for me, and also why ankle carry would be cumbersome. I've had good success with pocket carry of my wife's S&W 642 2 inch 38 Spl. Haven't seen anyone with a shoulder rig since Miami Vice reruns. Talk about sweeping the crowd.

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