Are you sure this is still considered Conceal Carry?
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Thread: Are you sure this is still considered Conceal Carry?

  1. Are you sure this is still considered Conceal Carry?

    Here is a link to Bulldog Holster pouch I purchased for my S&W Bodyguard .380

    It fits just right in the pouch, it draws just like this video shows but lawfully. My question is is this absolutely Conceal Carry? Thanks for your thoughts.

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    Seems as concealed as a fanny pack (more so since everyone knows what is in the fanny pack). I really don't like the draw method though.
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    It might be concealed, but you are sweeping anyone who happens to be behind you.
    Seems to me like a violation of basic firearm safety.

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    It's probably "technically" concealed, but I think an IWB holster from a good maker would be faster from under a loose shirt in hot weather.

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    kind of a complicated manipulation to extract it would be my opinion, and sweeping those behind you with a loaded weapon is not the best idea.
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    I need one of those like a hog needs a songbook.
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    But if we put lipstick on that case, it would still be a poor case! ;)
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  9. Here is a response after sending pictures and info on the this to my local Pistol Licensing Office in NY. Interesting view point.

    I am not telling you not to wear it. Give it a trial run down at local PD and see if anyone says anything to you. All I can confirm is a holster may not be worn outside the cloths in a public format other than at an NRA sponsored range.

    So we both know it is a holster, the question is what is the risk level you are willing to take to carry a firearm in that fashion, so you know, I am not going to blow you into the cops if you choose to carry in that fashion, but we both know under NY law it is not a legal carry.

  10. It's definitely not for me. The draw is awkward, unnatural and complicated. There's too many rather delicate motions that have to be done right just to get the gun in position to draw.

    I also didn't see any sweeping. Sweeping only happens when a gun is in a person's hand. A holstered gun can't sweep any more than a gun in a safe can. Worrying about a gun in a horizontal holster makes as much sense as worrying about walking over a gun stored vertically in a gun safe in a basement.

  11. My question wasn't "is this for you" or "do you like the draw". It was - is this absolutely Conceal Carry? I don't care whether you like it or not. I work in an office situation where I am sitting a lot and have to get up and down throughout the day. IWB are not comfortable. There are a few similar to this like this one that is: Are you sure this is still considered Conceal Carry?-vertical-cell-phone-holster.jpg

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