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Thread: Concealed Carry & Conversing with Liberals

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    Quote Originally Posted by tricolordad View Post
    btw, my dad, the child abuser, became a pacifist (which i find freakin hilarious because he refuses to fight, not even for his wife!!!! lmao what a man) shortly after i made my spectacular and violent revolt which backfired on me and put me in foster care.
    I'm truly sorry to hear about your horrible childhood experiences...
    Just keep up the good fight and have faith in God who will right all of the wrongs.
    Remember, whatever doesn't kill you will help to make you stronger.
    Fascist's are Magicians...They can make our Property, our Freedom's & even our Children 'Disappear'.

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    Quote Originally Posted by The_Outlaw View Post
    I tend to not hang out with very many sheeple minded libtard's....
    Their hypocritical ignorance just irritate's me.

    P.s. They 'never' know that I'm carrying because I never mention it.
    I'm right there with you. My entire family, save a few are all idiot libertards. My folks moved in with my brother and immediately my brother made my dad get rid of his guns (They are still his but I am the custodian) and put a firm no guns in the house rule. Funny thing is my folks paid to build their addition onto his house. Needless to say, I have a gun on me every time I am there. I don't flaunt it or make an issie of it but it is well known that I am armed every time because every time they ask, the answer is the same.

    When the gun laws come up and they spew their nonsense, I remind them that I carry a gun to make a living and they are limiting my ability to protect myself. The answer is always they same...."well something has to be done..."

    Steer clear of your the libertards in your life. Logic and reason don't apply. The only way they change their minds is when one of their ideas causes them great pain. Until then they will cause us great pain.

  4. I reapplied for my CCP after letting it lapse 15 years ago. Now I carry everyday, and nobody knows, not even my wife, and she knows that I have my state CCP and a Utah NR permit. When I have conversations with Libs, I just smile and let them talk, then I walk away as soon as I can.

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    Conversations about your concealed carry methods with someone you know to be liberally minded is like putting teats on a bull; useless. If you carry concealed, keep your mouth shut, especially to people who disagree with it.

    However, I have ran across several of these sheeple while carrying and have had to hear them spout off about the need to eliminate firearms from society. Just as many others in this thread have said, I walk away.
    "Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch. Liberty is a well armed lamb contesting the vote."
    ~ Benjamin Franklin (maybe)

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    Quote Originally Posted by wolf_fire View Post
    Conversations about your concealed carry methods with someone you know to be liberally minded is like putting teats on a bull; useless. If you carry concealed, keep your mouth shut, especially to people who disagree with it.

    However, I have ran across several of these sheeple while carrying and have had to hear them spout off about the need to eliminate firearms from society. Just as many others in this thread have said, I walk away.
    I am thankful for the area I live in and the places I visit. I carry CCW when needed and open to desensitize the folks. The way I have in the past responded is either of two ways. 1. In the rare case of open carry and response of hey your gun is cocked I replay it is a 1911. 2. In the case of a fellow enthusiast Oh, it is a Kimber.

    Otherwise, usually the Glock in concealed high and tight or in the fanny pack.

    I fear the tide may turn once the amnesty is passed and the invaders from the south, who are not used to the dreaded hand-gun being legally owned and possessed by other than drug dealers and gang bangers they may vote liberals in to change the world I love and live in.
    "Undocumented Second Amendment Supporter, fighting against suppression of mandatory background checks."

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    I think the false assumption that all people that are self-described liberals are anti-gun, or anti-concealed carry is just that... a false assumption. I am a firearm owner, and a CCW peermit holder. I conceal carry whenever I legally can. I hunt. I'm an NRA member. I also happen to be a progressive (like Teddy Roosevelt, remember him?) and a registered democrat. The sentiment that only far-right conservatives support gun rights is absurd. Not everybody walks lock-step with their political party of choice. There are plenty of democrats that support the 2nd amendment. That's why the NRA doesn't hand out it's endorsements down party lines. The only people that can help change the democratic party are people like me. I support democratic candidates in primaries that are pro-gun. I also work hard to have civil conversations with people who didn't grow up around guns. You can't change people by labeling them, and saying their wrong. You have to have a conversation and help them see a topic from your point of view.

    Believe it or not, I'm not alone. I know plenty of people who are democrats, or are liberal independents that are gun owners, or even CCW permit holders. I also know plenty of republicans and conservatives that are very anti-gun people. The tone of this thread so far is not constructive. Liberal does not mean anti-gun. Conservative does not mean pro-gun.

    Want to bring an anti-gun person to the good side? Invite them to a range or a hunting trip. Share a story about where a gun has been essential tool for the survival or protection of in individual, even yourself maybe. Show them of the differences, or lack-thereof, between a regular gun and a "scary weapon". If they disagree with the ability of people that conceal carry, tell them about the classes you had to take to qualify. Introduce them to an officer who supports concealed carry.

    As my mother-in-law always says, "you know what happens when you assume! You make an a$$ of u and me."

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    arguing with a libtard is just like trying to teach a pigeon how to play chess, no matter what you do the same thing always happens, the pigeon knocks over all the pieces, then he craps on the board, calls you a racist and then flies away.

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    When we get this upcoming immigration bill crammed down our throats, I am not sure that all will want strict gun control. Back in the early 90's we hired a guy that had just came from Russia. He spoke English but he did have trouble with some of the words and their meaning. At that time we were rebuilding a lot of machines for Federal Cartridge. One day while we were working on some of their machines in our shop Ed asked me what this machine made. I took some brass out of my tool box and started to hand it to him. He threw up his hands and started backing off saying, "No! No! KGB!" I told him that it was OK. He then calmed down and I gave him the brass and proceeded to show him what the machine did. On another occasion he was shocked that I carried a pocket knife. When he understood that carrying a pocket knife, he went out and bought one. He has since then became a citizen and a gun owner!! He is also VERY Conservative!

    So, note I said when not if, when this gets crammed down out throats we need to do all we can to get our new Latino citizens to know and like guns. Hopefully they will be like my Russian friend and want to have the things they were denied in their home country!!!!

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    Ive been asked about carrying a few times and have found a good line to make the people understand what it is for.
    I immediately ask them if they have car insurance and they tell me that it is the law that they have to have it.
    I then ask them if they have insurance on their house. They tell me that it is a good idea to have that, too.

    They think for a moment and tell me that they never want to have use it. I then explain that their insurance cmes into play ONLY AF something bad happens, while mine can actually stop something bad from happening. Then I tell them that "this", pointing to my gun, is my insurance and like you, I hope to never, EVER have to use it.

    The light goes on and they begin to understand why I carry. I then explain that violence and terror DO NOT MAKE APPOINTMENTS and can show up/happen anywhere, anytime or anyplace. I tell them that is what insurance is for better to have it and never use it than to need it and not have it.

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    Since I mostly OC I never have these conversations, since everybody knows where I stand on the issue. I'm not ashamed of my guns, so I don't hide them. Nor will I avoid talking about it even if not carrying at the time.

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