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    I prefer to be on the backside of any gun! If you reread the OP, I think he wants to carry his Sig P938 and has the .380 as a BG (I assumed Backup Gun but maybe it's the S&W Bodyguard). The P938 is 9mm. My point was not what gun to put in the Galco, it was that if a compact can be comfortable, a sub compact should be more so. Just my opinion; you're entitled to yours. I frequently carry a .380 and I've even got a Walther PP in .32. I still prefer the larger calibers when I can dress for them. Sometimes I can't. It's not the gun, it's the willingness to survive.

  3. Just ordered a DeSantis Nemesis like the one pictured before on this post. We'll see how it works for me.

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    What I said was that in cooler weather I carry 2 380's (7 rounds in each) and 2 extra mags (6 rounds in each). That's a total of 26 rounds if I can add right.

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    i dress in Khakis /dress pants every day....i pocket carry a p3at with the 9 round mag.....makes it sit in pocket with little to no movement........have carried this way for 7 years and have never had any issue....

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    Quote Originally Posted by nybuckboy View Post
    Just ordered a DeSantis Nemesis like the one pictured before on this post. We'll see how it works for me.
    I was looking for a good holster online for weeks for my new LCP. I was at a local pawn shop/range getting some .380 ammo and the girl behind the counter asked what for, started up a conversation and walked me over to the holsters. She opened a package, said "try this" and I was sold. I like the cut of it, since it allows you to get a perfect shooting grip while it is still in your pocket. As long as it is the proper one for your gun I think you will be pleased.

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    I am home most of the time, but that entails a lot of getting up and down, climbing stairs, bending, etc.. I tried many IWBs, couldn't get one I could tolerate, so switched to ankle. I wear boot cut jeans most of the time and started ordering them long enough they drag the ground without shoes so I can wear my ankle holsters anywhere, anytime without worry about them showing.
    Yes, I could not get to my gun very quickly. It would take bending over and pulling up my pants leg. But it is better than not wearing a gun, or losing one, I know, I know,, how would you lose a gun? Well, let me tell you. I tried one of those remora IWBs, it unfortunately fell down inside my pants and I was digging down my jeans in public trying to get it back up before it fell down my leg. That's OK, you can laugh. It was sorta funny.

    Moral to the story I guess, is, you gotta try them to know which will work for you. Good luck.

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    Been carrying over 30 years. I have tried everything. Every kind of gun.

    My prefered carry is calf. Ankle is too low for me. I custom altered a Serpa II and am pleased. Used the belt attachment and made a harness from 2" Velcro.

    I carry guns from 9mm to 10mm, currently using a Glock 23C.
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