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    Ask about a Ruger, and there is always someone that wants to tout a Glok!

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    I have noticed that, sbubrick, there appears to be many Glock enthusiasts on this forum!

    My husband and I each have a Glock 19 and we just ordered a Ruger LCP so we have a smaller pistol if ever needed. We tried out the LCP at the range and it is not a fun pistol to shoot (i don't like the recoil) but, we figure, it would be better than nothing. Besides, at close range, we are pretty accurate.

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    Love my Ruger Sr40c and I carry it in a 3Speed Holster. I would like a medium to full sized gun Fnx40 or a G23 out maybe a second SR4OC (this one with night sights and a light)

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    I do love my Glocks. EDC is a Glock 19, but I am starting to lean toward my Glock 30SF now that my groups are getting better at the range.
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    My wife has claimed my Beretta 92F so I'm looking at the Glock 27 or a XDS in 45. I've shot a brother-in-laws Glock 27 and it put a lot of brass toward my forehead and hat brim. I think he hasn't put many rounds through it might be better with a few more boxes run thought it. I really like the slim fit of the XDS but it doesn't seem much different still want to shoot one of theses to get a feel.

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