A lesson in what not to do. Flint Man arrested for carrying a gun into a theater
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Thread: A lesson in what not to do. Flint Man arrested for carrying a gun into a theater

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    A lesson in what not to do. Flint Man arrested for carrying a gun into a theater

    Heres a great lesson in what NOT to do. I think this guy should have his CPL revolked for his stupidity, and its people like this who make the rest of us look like idiots.

    Heres the link:

    Heres a copy of the short story posted by ABC 12 News.


    (07/31/13) - The FBI says it arrested a man who showed up at the Trillium Theater, in Grand Blanc Township, wearing body armor and carrying a gun with at least 34 rounds of ammunition.

    Cassidy Delavergne was charged, Wednesday, with having a fake CIA employee ID card.

    Court records say Delavergne told agents he had a concealed weapon permit and didn't want to leave his gun unattended.

    He also said he wore the badge to minimize any concerns about his gun.

    The FBI also says the Flint man had more than 100 rounds of ammunition in his car.


    On a side note, got to love how the Media makes it look like he was planning some kind of massacre by stating he had more than 100 rounds of ammo in the car. I cant tell you how many times I have forgotten to remove range ammo from the car, guess its some sort of crime to carry spare ammunition with you.

    Your thoughts? I will post more as I hear more about the story.
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    What an idiot. These types of people just make it harder on the rest of us.

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    If he had a concealed weapons permit, why did he open carry? I mean, why go drawing attention to yourself if you don't have to? I'd have still entered the theatre carrying as long as it's legal. Just that I wouldn't have broadcast that I was armed to everybody.

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  6. I was carrying this weekend in the threater and they had a sign up but I didn't want to leave it in my truck so I was conceal pretty good, I walk in and to look at the movie and walk out.

  7. Something is a bit off with this idiot. 2A or not, full body armor, fake CIA id, badge?

    On the other note, 100 rounds? really, I can guarantee there is NEVER less than 100 rounds of ammo in my car at any given time. Currently I have 3 shotguns, 2 AR's, 1 10/22 and 4 pistols, and honestly no idea on ammo, but I would guess 1000 rounds mixed. We had a range day today and another one tomorrow, so I left my trunk loaded. But on a normal day I have an AR in a case with 4 mags loaded, and a Taurus Judge with 3 speed loaders, and my EDC (usually a Kimber ultra carry II).

    Started carrying the AR broke down last year after every single book I read, every single movie I see, every bit of common sense says if **** does happen to hit the fan, the likely hood of me being at home is slim to none, lol. Soooo, decided to buy a 26" case, pop 2 pins on the AR and design a place in my trunk that it hides nicely, that could not, and would not be noticed unless someone knew it was there or tore the car apart, lol. Course it is legal here for me to carry it loaded with permit in Iowa.

    I'm always amazed at how ONE HUNDRED rounds of ammo seems like a huge amount to the media... someone needs to take them to the range, lol

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    It's interesting that they make a big deal out of 34 rounds. I would still say he needs to run it through a brain cell if that's a Glock 33 rd mag plus one in the chamber but overall that isn't that many rounds. Every peace officer in uniform I've seen has a full size double stack polymer pistol with 2 spare mags... Even if it's a Glock 21 that's still 15*3+1=46 rounds. Add 6 for .40 call and 12 for 9mm.

    As for 100 rounds in the car, I'm pretty sure i burned through that many in my bolt action rifle last weekend in 1 hour at the range. Why are people so willing to create "news" on topics they are clearly not experts on?
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    Unfortunately, it's not legal to concealed carry in a theater in Michigan.

  10. if he had told them he was a Democrat it would not have been in the paper.

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  11. Nothing in the Michigan gun laws preventing carry in a theater. Only thing close is entertainment facilities seating more than 2500.

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