1977 Ruger Police Service Six Conceal Carry
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Thread: 1977 Ruger Police Service Six Conceal Carry

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    1977 Ruger Police Service Six Conceal Carry

    I am new to DAO revolvers. I am a former member of SASS so am used to shooting single action revolvers. Any advice anyone can give about shooting a DAO revolver in defense situations. I currently carry a full sized Sig p250 .40 S&W as my concealment but i am in the process of refurbishing an old Ruger Police Service Six that was my Great Uncle's service revolver it has a "bobbed" hammer on it and is DAO. I can get a spurred hammer for it but am considering keeping it in its original configuration. Long story short I am considering switching to this revolver once it is fixed to use as my CCW. Any shooting tips and/or holster recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

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    I would continue to use the SIG 250 as your carry piece and keep your legacy gun as is and reserve it for informal shooting and trips down memory lane.
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