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    Work Carry

    I don't intend anyone to out themselves here but here's the question.

    If your place of employment doesn't allow you to carry, does anyone carry anyway?

    I have been considering it. I can do it very easily and no one would ever know. I just hate being at work unarmed knowing that if anything happened I would be stuck running like a field mouse.
    My wife and daughter work in the same location as I do and this just adds to my feeling of not protecting my family.
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    Not gonna lie, I do. NC laws change on Oct 1st but I travel with my child to and from, sometimes we stop for a treat. So I'd rather take a chance at work than with my kid

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    there are no perfect solutions. but I need to support myself and my kids and I want to protect us too. So I carry everywhere it is legal, and to comply with company policy, I lock it in my gunsafe in my car at work. I like most people, feel it is the walk to and from work that is most at risk. Just keep my situational awareness with and without my handgun.

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    I used to until I got caught. I was immediately removed from that location and I am fairly certain that if I ever got caught again my "career" would be over.

    I give this advice every time this topic comes up, if you choose to carry a firearm at work contrary to company policy you must assume that if one person finds out the entire company will know eventually. You tell no one, you don't even hint.
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    Official policy for my former employer was no guns on the property. Except in times of declared Federal Disaster. Then we might be allowed to have them in our vehicles. Which is strange in itself because at that point, our vehicles become declared Emergency Vehicles by the State and cannot be searched or detained. Or have the Florida National Guard there to protect us.
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    My Company has no written rule for concealed carry, but I do not bring it into the building, as I have no place to secure it in my office. I have considered purchasing a small Lock Box, that would fit in my briefcase and just remove the whole thing when I leave for the day.

  8. My company does not allow weapons but Indiana allows parking lot "carry" and i do

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    I'm not allowed to carry at work but I do anyway. I drive to work wearing hip holster then change to a pocket holster in work, no one can telliI'm carrying.

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    One job I do, the other I don't. But if our school system ever lets us I will.

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    This has and as the long as the laws remain like this, always will be a conundrum. Questions you have to ask yourself: how important is this job to me? can I find another job with about the same or more pay if I'm unexpectedly fired? how easy will it be to get another job after being fired from this one?

    If it is company policy and you do get found out, chances are very likely you will be removed from your job. How is this going to fair with your wife and daughter? Will they be harassed and interrogated because of your behavior?

    I hear people say all the time, "no one will ever find out", then they faint, get hit in the head, have a heart attack, something, and then someone finds they have a firearm on them. Or one time they stretch and inadvertently the firearm shows at the most inconvenient time.

    The other important question is, can you live with yourself not protecting your family who is with you at work?

    I know I didn't answer your question, and the reason being, I can't. Only you can answer this question. What I gave you was more food to chew on about it.
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