I must be getting old
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Thread: I must be getting old

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    I must be getting old

    Iíve read numerous threads over the years about people deciding that a full size gun was just too heavy to carry around all day.

    I would generally disagree when the topic came up but here recently Iíve noticed that I reach for my S&W 6906 (1.660 lb) more often than I do my S&W 4006 (2.375 lb).

    Even though thereís only a .710 lb difference I find all other things being generally equal that ĺ of a pound is usually the deciding factor.

    Maybe I am getting old
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    You're getting old LOL

    Off topic: yesterday I noticed that the floor jack I used to swing around when I went racing is a lot heavier now.... :p

    Note to self, go racing soon. It's been 2 years...
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