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Thread: Did I do the right thing?

  1. He was trying to hold up a person in their own home with mace BC he's too lazy to work for his own...that's a coward.

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    If I'm alive and unharmed, you won't find me second-guessing myself for not killing someone.

    Quote Originally Posted by Shaun Manning View Post
    Here's where I'm struggling.
    Nor will I be struggling with the successful expulsion from my presence of someone intent on victimizing me.

    Quote Originally Posted by Shaun Manning View Post
    I had every right to shoot him
    That's not the right question though. Did you have a good reason to shoot him? You're alive and unharmed, and so is he. Unless you're trying to channel Paul Kersey, you should have no regrets about that fact.

    Quote Originally Posted by Shaun Manning View Post
    he maced me and was pointing two weapons at me. however, I realized that they were both defensive weapons that couldn't incapacitate me unless he got a lot closer (it was the type of taser he would have had to touch me with).
    And thus you answered my last question; you had no valid reason to kill him.

    Quote Originally Posted by Shaun Manning View Post
    I guess I felt my life wasn't in immediate jeopardy so I didn't shoot.
    Obviously at this point, you can be sure that your guess was correct, and your decision not to shoot was appropriate.

    Quote Originally Posted by Shaun Manning View Post
    What would you have done?
    Washed out my eyes real good, completed my statement to the cops, calmed down and let the adrenaline work its way out of my system, then spend some time evaluating how to avoid that situation from ever happening again, and then get on with life without being "torn" because I made the appropriate decision not to kill another human being.

    Quote Originally Posted by Shaun Manning View Post
    Was I wrong in not shooting?
    I can't imagine how anyone could come to that conclusion.

    Quote Originally Posted by Shaun Manning View Post
    Did I risk my life?
    You already answered that question above. You "guessed" that you were not in any real danger, and you were right.

    Quote Originally Posted by Shaun Manning View Post
    I'm really torn on this issue.
    The only question you need to answer for yourself is what would've happened if the guy had advanced after hitting you with the spray? Are you capable of pulling the trigger when it is appropriate? If the answer is yes, then you have nothing to be torn about. If the answer is no, then the only thing you have to be torn about is how you're going to sell your guns, because they're doing you more harm than good if you conclude that you aren't a trigger-puller even in a deadly force being used against you scenario.

    Quote Originally Posted by Shaun Manning View Post
    Your feedback would be welcome.
    Well, there ya go then.

    No one has ever heard me say that I "hate" cops, because I don't. This is why I will never trust one again though: You just never know...

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    Double tap is/was the correct response. Even though invited, a stranger threatened you with two weapons. Your immediate response should have been to eliminate the threat. Period.
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    IMHO and this IS a refection on me, Hesitation like that can make you dead.

    The first mistake was not being armed after inviting a stranger into your home.

    Next you failed to trust your instincts. I don't care what people say about profiling. If your instinct was to suspect the persons ability to live up to the financial responsibility you were asking him to, then you should have closed the door in his face.

    Next you should have taken his ID and held it.
    HIM: Hi. I'm here to look at the apartment.
    ME: Sure. Let me have your ID.
    HIM: Huh?
    ME: Yeah. I like to know who I'm dealing with.

    If at that point he hesitates, the door closes in his face.

    Calling the Cops was the right thing that you did. By you reporting it and getting the description out, you protected yourself from the numb-nut calling the cops and telling them 'you lured him to your apartment to abuse and rob him'. Don't laugh. I've heard of worse.

    If you consider this a life learning lesson, you'll benefit from the experience. If not we'll read about it in the news.
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    Your first mistake was advertising on Craigslist. Your second was giving the guy your address. Your third was not pulling the trigger. BluesStringer said "Obviously at this point, you can be sure that your guess was correct, and your decision not to shoot was appropriate.". The only thing I agree with him about is that your "GUESS" was correct. The guy could have had a knife or even a gun. How do you feel about putting your life on the line based on a "GUESS"? You're the one that has to decide. I'll bet that most of the people on this site would have pulled the trigger.

  7. You didn't feel immediately threatened, so did the right thing. Don't second guess. Would you feel better now if you had taken his life? Probably not. You taught him a lesson he won't soon forget.

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    I admire your restraint. I feel I would have put some holes in him.

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    I will echo others statements about moving out immediately. Pay the extra months rent and consider it a blessing since now this punk and his punk friends know of a place to score a firearm.

    As far as your actual question is concerned, only YOU know exactly what played out there. Only YOU could see his body language and facial expressions. Only YOU know if there was fear and retreat on his face and in his body language. The fact that you are asking if you did the right thing, tells me you have some doubts about whether he really was going to retreat or not. If I'm wrong, I apologize.

    If your actual question should be "could I have shot?" then I have to say, get that answer straight with yourself and your maker before carrying again. You are fortunate. You got a chance to be tested and walk away from it. Others aren't so fortunate.
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    i believe you did the right thing.however if i was partially blinded and sensed or saw him moving closer instead of moving away my answer is different.also i dont think i could move out quick enough.

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    Here's something that no one has considered. Some people just can not pull the trigger. No matter what the situation they just can't do it. Something the OP may want to learn about himself. Next time it may cost him his OR a loved one's life.
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