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    Illinois CC "It's Time"

    I live in Illinois and I'm glad the concealed carry finally passed. Now that it's passed we will have to wait even longer as the State Police figure out how to offer the program. I know the legislators are making it hard as you will need to complete 16 hours of training and pay one of the highest fee of any state to receive that CC license. I was thinking of offering this training course, after completing the instructors course. I on the fence about this as it's 16 hours of training which means at least 4 days of training if you don't want to rush through the course. What's your thoughts????

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    They still don't want armed citizens, the law exists only because the courts said it must.

    Actually issuing a permit, late 2014, and only limited numbers

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    The OP already has another thread touting his "impressive" credentials.
    Yeah, NOT!
    He wants $600 a pop for his class. It's really going to suck for the folks in Illinois.
    For a "teacher", his grammar is horrible....

    Just sayin.... Ya know?

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    My thoughts:

    A firearms instructor providing instruction for licensing requirements is not in it to make money. They are in it to provide safe, effective instruction on the use and safety of firearms, and instruction concerning the applicable laws for their students.

    If 16 hours is too much for you to do, then don't do it. If you truly want to help those interested in acquiring their licensing requirements to purchase their right to carry back from the state, then this so-called "issue" of 16 hours should not bother you. It could be done many ways... 4-4 hour time frames (personally I wouldn't want to come four times)... 2-8 hour time frames (one Saturday for two weekends, or a Sat and Sun of the same weekend).

    Personally, if I were instructing the class, I would do two 8-hour Saturdays. Depending on what IL would require you to teach would, of course, depends how your curriculum would be set up. It seems to me the first 8 hours could be law, safety, types of firearms, etc. and the second Saturday could deal with actual firearms, teach safety and do range time.

    From your original thread... $600 is absolutely ridiculous unless you were providing some type of tactical firearms instruction on top of the 16 hour requirement. To me, it shows the wrong motivation for getting into the instructing business, that is, if your instruction is only to help those get their licensing requirements. You talked of renting commercial space. Why? A lot of instructors will meet at a sportsmen's club that they belong too and will give them tables and chairs and a room. I knew of one instructor who taught in the furnished basement of his house. You are going to want to make this instruction feasible for the masses.
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    My CHP (received early this year) is good for 5 years. I suspect I will have my renewal in hand before IL residents have their first permit in hand.
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    I would call 600.00, price gouging.

    I've seen it advertised at 300.00, and think that is too high.

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    Yes 600.00 is to much. Here in Oklahoma the state caps it to 60.00 for an 8 hour class. I only teach 10 at a time. I make sure people people know what they are doing before they leave. I am going to apply for an IL non res. permit when they come out.
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