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    I'm 5'5" about a buck thirty so I'm small and small framed. I carry a SCCY 9mm or a Bodyguard 380 and I have a few different IWB holsters that I wear at about 4:30. For the SCCY I have an Ace Case IWB Tuckable and for the BG 380 I have a Desantis Pocket Tuk and also a Blackhawk size 1. The Blackhawk is really small and super light - I wear it with anything, even gym shorts with elastic waistbands.

  3. Learn to not bend over at the waist. Do like the Playboy Bunnies used to do and kneel down, it doesn't pull the shirt against your gun. I attended an outdoor function with 20-25 sheriff department and deputies last Friday. Only a grey tee shirt over a XD 40 and CBST. No one said a thing.

  4. Like what was said earlier, unless law is against printing or you just don't like it, most won't notice. Especially in this huge cell phone age, people are use to seeing bulges around the waistband. I have a few shirts that fit loose for when I want to make sure I don't print at all, other times I'm fairly sure I print atleast a little bit. No one ever says anything. My dad has even gone all day not noticing I'm carrying when I know I was printing. I suppose he just thought it was my phone or just didn't pay it any attention.

    No holster is going to make the gun magically dissolve into your small frame, wear bigger looser shirts if your worried but above all get a holster that's comfortable for you. Does no good well hidden if its uncomfortable, you'll find yourself neglecting to carry to avoid the discomfort.

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    I'm definitely not a skinny bean pole. I use watch their video. It really is a great conceal alternative to IWB

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    Quote Originally Posted by Steve2511 View Post
    I think people worry way to much about printing. If your firearm is covered 99% of the public will not have a clue and those that do are probably carrying too.5

    Unless your a Celebrity I'm sorry to say, People are just not looking that closely at you. A Bit of Printing is not a terrible thing and not illegal.
    Don't ever think your weapon must be 100% invisible to be a concealed carry. Don't get me wrong, the less detectable the better, but don't sweat it.
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    I have never been comfortable with IWB, so I switched to ankle holsters, Since I wear boot cut jeans, they are perfect.

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