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Thread: What's the best pocket gun for CC?

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    I really want a Ruger LCR .357 Magnum then I could also shoot 38 +P

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    What's the best pocket gun for CC?

    Kel-Tec PF9 and Nemesis holster. Depends on the pants pockets tho. Jeans...no way, cargo shorts/pants....oh yes.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by Warrior1256 View Post
    I have a nifty S&W Airweight 5 shot .38 that I can just stick in my pocket and go. Loaded with +P ammo it's a great CC weapon.
    I have the same exact gun with a Crimson Trace laser attached. Great pocket gun.

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    Quote Originally Posted by trailboss View Post
    Don't use a holster for a pocket gun
    It will just slow your draw
    Dont be dumb. Always use a holster.

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    Quote Originally Posted by trailboss View Post
    Don't use a holster for a pocket gun
    It will just slow your draw
    Personally, I have a pocket holster but I also have one of those "square wallet-type holsters" that are not much larger than the firearm itself; the firearm is encased in the holster with a space for trigger access and a hole for your middle finger that together with your other hand provides very strong stability particularly when needing same for a small firearm. They also sell pocket holsters with "thumb push back stems" that provide excellent counter pressure to your retrieving your firearm from the holster. Let's face it, many of us have probably purchased and/or tried more than one holster for any of our firearms and eventually you settle on the one that just "feels" best 24/7. Ya know this goes for the firearm, as well. Many out there and they each have their own plus and minus that may start with cost and then end up with feel in your hand, recoil, etc---the forum is a good place to start but it should only be a start--you have to end up in the shops and the shows (best place) where you can at least "feel" the firearm and its fit for you.

  7. Surprised no one mentioned the Seecamp guns?

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    P32 works well. I carry mine in a Blackhawk #1 pocket holster. Gun always comes out "clean". Never had the holster come out.
    Does it really need to be said to NEVER carry anything else in that pocket?
    All that being said, it is my BUG, but it is always there.
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  9. LCP with LaserMax in a pocket holster in front right pants/shorts pocket.

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    I would make a good bet that the best pocket gun is whatever you shoot best. Find a range that rents, try a few guns and get the one that feels best in your hand and that you personally can shoot best. Then when you buy it, have the guy find you a pocket holster that fits it.

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    Timtheref, I totally agree with you. Also, get a good pocket holster & it will grip the inside of your pocket & allow for a smooth, even draw. It won't budge in your pocket when drawing your handgun. I have a DeSantis Superfly that is awesome!

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