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    Taurus TCP 738

    Hello fellow CWP carriers. I just received my CWP July 16th of 2013. So many people offered up the ideal concealed carry firearm from S&W shield, S&W Bodyguard, the Ruger LCP, and KelTec's little mouse gun. All of these guns had varying price ranges depending on the features you got. When my local gun dealer started taking features, I'm thinking a laser sight for someone, I might be shooting at about two feet away. If I cant hit somebody in my personal space, I might as well leave the gun at home. What I settled on was the Taurus TCP 738 right at $200 bucks without holster and ammo. My question is, is there any other members out there that have this handgun, and if so what do you like and dislike about it. So far I love it, and I didn't bust the bank to buy it.
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    I've had 1 for about 3 years now and love it! I've had thoughts of trading it in for a Ruger LCp since I have mostly Rugers but the gun has just functioned flawlessly shooting hundreds of rounds so I can't justify spending the extra money just because of a name! It's so thin that it is extremely easy to carry concealed whether I use an ankle holster, IWB or front pocket.
    Enjoy that little gun!

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    Taurus is famous for cheap copies of high quality guns. The CEO even made an announcement that he knows their QC has been lacking, but they're going to try and do better. As to a gun to save your life or that of a family member, look at what others trust their lives to...people who know. Police, military, and others who carry as part of their jobs, should be your guide. Glock is the most widely used. Affordable but not "cheap". The single most popular concealed carry and all-purpose handgun is the Glock 19. The same size pistol in .40 cal is the G23 or in .357 Sig, the G32. Smith & Wesson M&P line is excellent. Sig Sauer makes high quality gins. Beretta is good. Springfield Armory XD/XDM also. there are also higher priced guns that are reliable, as well.

    Cheap guns are fine for fun range guns. I personally would not trust my life to one, though. If you want a good gun, look at a Taurus copy...and then buy the original. OK Taurus fanboys...start the flames, but please don't mislead this new guy.

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  5. I own an MP and carry it in cold weahter The rest of the time I carry a TCP with a Crimson Trace laser.

    It is very similar to the LCP except it has Last Round Hold Open and a better trigger (IMHO).

    With these little guns, a laser is almost mandatory. The fixed short radius sights are very difficult to use.

    I have no problem trusting my life to them. No flames, to each their own.

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    My primary carry is either a G19 or 26. I own a TCPand will carry it as a BUG or alone for short trips. They seem to vary a lot... some have issues and some do not. Mine has been reliable while a friend has had problems with his. Have had it for almost three years.

    Regarding needing a laser I would not agree. At the distance I will be using it and the likelihood it will be a one-handed shot, I can put 7 shots in the upper chest and head with no difficulty.
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    I love my wife's pink TCP. Trigger is smooth as melted butter and gun is very accurate.
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    I have over 550 rounds through mine. It doesn't like the 102grn Golden Saber but it eats everything else!
    What's NOT to like about it!
    7 rounds, chamber loaded indicator, hold open after last round, compact, slim and a blast to shoot!
    I painted my "sights" with nail polish to help acquire them quickly. I have also shot it from the 25 yard line with solid hit to the torso.
    All and all, I love mine as much as I love my M&P .40 cal!

  9. I have a Glock 17, a Glock 39, and a TCP.

    I've carried all three. Primarily, however, the G-17 is my home defense handgun. The G-39 was my EDC for about five years, until I starting riding bikes and running. I eventually bought the TCP for that purpose: to have something I can carry while riding a bike and running.

    All-day rides of 70+ miles, you want to wear Lycra, and even if you could figure out a way to conceal a Glock, you don't want that extra weight. Likewise while running.

    The TCP serves another great purpose: it's terribly easy to grab it from the safe, where it's stored in a pocket holster, and put it in my pocket for a quick trip to the store.

    I still like the comfort of a Glock on days I can carry it; but there are a lot of days when I simply can't. I'd rather have a pocket .380 than nothing.

    As far as reliability is concerned, I had a single jam in the first 20 rounds through my TCP. No hiccups ever since.

    One thing I haven't managed to do is figure out a good way to carry a spare magazine other than simply tossing it in a pocket.

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    Much like everyone else, my TCP rides in my front pocket when weather or situations do not allow me to carry my Nano, or my PT145. Mine runs great on everything, including sellf defense ammo. I don't think i would give it up.

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    I am a retired LEO who carries daily. I purchased a TCP for summer carry in a pocket holster. The first 50 rounds of FMJ went well, but it would not feed HPs. I sent to the factory and now it won't fire HPs or FMJ. I finally gave up and started packing a pocket-holstered S&W Model 642 cal. 38 revolver with two additional speedstrips. As soon as I can wear a jacket in NC (too hot now!), I'll have my Glock19 on my side...

    Sorry... Can't recommend the TCP...

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