Hardest/Easiest CCW to obtain
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Thread: Hardest/Easiest CCW to obtain

  1. Hardest/Easiest CCW to obtain

    What are the easiest CCW to obtain either res or non-res from your experiences?
    What are the hardest (I.E having to show profiency with the firearm, target shoots exc)?
    Obviously it varies from state to state but im curious..

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    IMHO States like Arizona, Vermont and several others would be the easiest. They have conceal carry without permit sometimes called Constitutional Carry.
    States like New Jersey, New York and others with may issue "justifiable need" requirement would be the most difficult.
    My home state Madiganistan also known as Illinois will have most required training @ 16 hours, also offering no reciprocity with other states and an oppressive $150 for resident and $300 for non resident fee. Just my 2 cents.

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    I believe my state, Washington, is probably one of the easiest. All that is required is get application from local PD, be fingerprinted, the usual background check, pay your $55 fee, and you're done. No requirements for training at all.
    As probably most of us are, I have owned and shot all types of handguns, and rifles, shotguns, but "formal training", no. I have a friend in Texas who told me he had to enroll in a class, at his expense, and get x-number of hours of training using the gun he would be carrying. I tend to think this is the most sensible way to issue conceal permits. I worry that there are many ccw's being issued to folks who are completely untrained, and have no past experience with a firearm. That's a little scary.

  5. For what it's worth, New Mexico requires one day of classroom plus a live fire range proficiency test. The range test is pretty easy consisting of a 10' and 21' fixed target with 5 or 10 rounds and an easy hit rate. However, depending on the instructor, they will nick you for improper handling/safety gaffs. You know, drop a loaded gun, fail the class. Shoot someone, fail.
    The above is what I remember from a recent class and is close, so don't nick me on exact details as I am old. ;-)

  6. My state of Pennsylvania is a "shall issue" which means they will issue as long as one can pass a background check. The cost is a mere $20 for 5 years and there is no classroom or range time required. It is hard to get easier than that....

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    I've got a permit in Colorado (resident) and Arizona, and neither required live fire training. Colorado required classroom training. I've also got applications in for Utah and Virginia... The Colorado class included Utah, and the Virginia one included Arizona. Utah also requires classroom training, in Virginia you can do it online.

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    Four years ago I filled out paperwork, gave up copies of my fingerprints and paid money. This got me a lifetime permit

    Quote Originally Posted by Grumpy Old Timer View Post
    However, depending on the instructor, they will nick you for improper handling/safety gaffs. You know, drop a loaded gun, fail the class. Shoot someone, fail.)
    I can understand failing for dropping a loaded gun, but failing for shooting someone? What if it was intentional and you proved to be an accurate shot? :)
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    Easiest would be anyone of the states that have Constitutional Carry. The most difficult to obtain is Hawiaii's may Issue permit, no one has ever been issued one.
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    Virginia. No classroom...Virginia assumes we are adults, no fingerprints, one page application, no sheriff interference,...mine was back in three weeks.

  11. What a joke. I live in Honolulu where only retired LEO and a very few others can get a permit to carry concealed. So I took a four hour concealed carry class from the state of Utah right here in Hawaii where I'm not allowed to carry, and now I can carry concealed in most of the states where I travel to visit. All the airlines allow me to check my weapon and ammo in my checked baggage. If it's a state on the list of reciprocal agreement, as soon as I get my bag, I go to the men's room, load my weapon and conceal it on my person. I believe there should be a national concealed carry standard and I should be able to carry anywhere just as I am allowed to drive anywhere once I have my Hawaii driver's license.

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