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Thread: To carry hot or not?

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    The only time I would suggest not to carry hot is with some older wheel guns. Most of those were single action only and the pin would rest on the primer. If you got a double action, then you could go cold because as you pull the trigger the next round moves in. But with the lack of rounds in a wheel gun, you want all cylinders. If you are going the wheel gun route just make sure it has a safety for the hammer. I don't know the name of it but it keeps the hammer away from the primer unless the trigger is pulled.

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    Always chambered, usually +1, openly carried. As others said, there won't be enough time and a second hand might not be available, to chamber or move a garment .
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    Carry with a round in the chamber.

    Carry in a holster designed for your gun, that protects the trigger and keeps the gun secure, and permits quick access.

    Put the gun in the holster, and leave it there. Everytime you un-holster a firearm, there is always the possibility of a ND (negligent discharge). If your holster choice allows, remove the holster with the gun in it when you take your cloths off, re-arm by putting the holster on with the gun in it. Do not unload/load every-time you get home or prepare to leave, unless there are no other options, i.e. no gun safe, kids at home.

    An unloaded gun is useless, and every time you handle a loaded gun, there is always the possibility of a ND. Keep the booger hook off the bang switch.

    You will become comfortable with carrying chambered before too long.
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  5. I did not get to discuss on the last one so here we go I always go hot plus extra mags real harden criminals will never let you chamber and uou never know if he has friends around the corner waiting to jump out with extra guns

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    Quote Originally Posted by domscarangella View Post
    I want to preface this by saying that it may seem harsh but it is probably the best safety advice I can give. Oh, it is also not a bad question. That being said, when you carry a firearm for the purpose of protecting yourself or your family you need to be completely resigned to the fact that if you unholster that weapon that you are serious enough to use it. If you are not serious enough to use it you are endangering yourself and others. I assume that you like most of us hope and pray that we will never have to use our weapons in that way but we must assume that if you are carrying the weapon it's for a reason. Carrying a weapon that is not ready to fire is worse than not carrying at all because you may be supplying your attacker with a weapon if you have to chamber a round before defending yourself against him. This is a waste of precious moments that could be the difference between life and death. If your weapon is not "hot" as you put it leave it locked up safely at home for your own sake. I am not trying to be a jerk it is just very important to have the correct mind set when it comes to this responsibility. Additionally, as stated in earlier posts, practice makes perfect. Do it until it becomes second nature. Be safe and good luck.
    I'm a small older woman who could be easily overpowered. If I chose to carry without one in the chamber, chances are VERY good that my gun could be taken away from me and used against me in close quarters. Even though the types of guns I carry have no safety, I have never worried about carrying them with one in the chamber. I WOULD worry if I didn't.

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    jfjf, Get your confidence in your gun handling skills. When you know your gun inside and out and are proficient at its use you'll feel better about having a round in the chamber.
    Try this (And I tell every person who is unsure the same thing). Cock your weapon with no round chambered. Carry the weapon every where you go. Check your weapon every at night when you go to be to see if it has discharged. After you do this for a little while you'll learn that your weapon will not discharge until you want it to.
    Confidence Brother, Confidence.
    In My Humble Opinion, Not having a round chambered is deadly for you. You'll never have time to chamber a round.
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    I carry an XD 45 and a 1911. The XD has no safety but the 1911 does. I carry both hot and in a holster that completely covers the trigger. I will not touch a holster that does not.

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  9. Im fairly new to carrying as well, I've been carrying for about a month. I carry a glock 19 at 4o'clock. I carried without a round in the chamber for about 4 days and then it occurred to me, In all of my dry practice drawing and reholstering and wearing around the house before I finally went out I never had a problem with anything touching the trigger, why would clambering a round change that? So I chambered a round, holstered my weapon and went on my way. I was very conscious of it for a day or so, being anal retentive about feeling to ensure the firearm hadnt wiggled out of the holster at all to expose the trigger. As expected my holster did its job fabulously and now I wouldn't carry any other way. Easing into it might not be a bad idea, but I'd definitely try it out. Don't just decide you will never carry hot and not try it. Just keep calm and chive on

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    all modern pistols have a hammer block ( or striker block ) so they are as safe as you are
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    ND Negligent Discharge. It does not just happen to new people. It happens to seasoned veterans also. Cold, tired, irritated, rushed, worried, sick, and a thousand other reasons. 20 years ago, I purchased a $15 insurance policy, insuring I should never have a ND. I am already careful. Muzzle in a safe direction, finger off the trigger until ready to shoot, ammo and guns in two separate locations, until ready to use the gun. I practice, drill, meditate, ponder, and hope for good karma. But just in case, all my Glocks, have a Trigger Block Safety, inside a level II Serpa. In this condition, I personally feel safe, and responsible, as well as ready. Before anyone follows my personal rule, don't follow me, unless you train with me. Also, read your owners manual. Glock owners, Glock does not recommend one in the chamber outside law enforcement or military. Many other gun makers advise the same.

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