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Thread: To carry hot or not?

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    Always carry with a round in the chamber.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tin Can Sailor View Post
    Always carry with a round in the chamber.
    You always carry hot, or you are suggesting everyone else always do so? I hope it is option A. Option B depends on Knowledge, Skills Attitude, Equipment, Circumstances.

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    I always carry with one in the chamber. What others do is their own business.

    I used to be a government-educated stooge. By the grace of God, I repent. -Robert Burris

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    Carry hot or don't bother carrying at all.

  6. Always carry hot. I feel perfectly safe doing so with modern pistol drop safety's. If I draw its gonna be to pull the trigger until the BG stops or I run out of bullets, not to rack the slide.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Glock20 View Post
    ND Negligent Discharge. It does not just happen to new people. It happens to seasoned veterans also. Cold, tired, irritated, rushed, worried, sick, and a thousand other reasons. 20 years ago, I purchased a $15 insurance policy, insuring I should never have a ND. I am already careful. Muzzle in a safe direction, finger off the trigger until ready to shoot, ammo and guns in two separate locations, until ready to use the gun. I practice, drill, meditate, ponder, and hope for good karma. But just in case, all my Glocks, have a Trigger Block Safety, inside a level II Serpa. In this condition, I personally feel safe, and responsible, as well as ready. Before anyone follows my personal rule, don't follow me, unless you train with me. Also, read your owners manual. Glock owners, Glock does not recommend one in the chamber outside law enforcement or military. Many other gun makers advise the same.
    Glock does not recommend one in the chamber for liability sake.

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  8. I carry chambered always like most have said the BG is always got one chambered but, that being said do what's most comfortable. You have to feel right with it so, whatever you choose chambered or not it’s better than having nothing. If you are uncomfortable which is understandable you may want to get some dummy rounds or snap caps and walk around the house with it or if you have a lot of property walk around the grounds or gun range if allowable and practice holstering and un-holstering and whatever else makes you uncomfortable. Practice, practice and practice good luck in your decision but, most important be safe and do not be rushed or pressured into something you’re not comfortable with.

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    I agree with NJ, you must do what is comfortable. When I was new to carry I carried completely empty for a week to get used to it. then I went to clip w/o chamber. It ddnt take long to get used to carrying cold. But the idea is to be able and prepared to carry hot. As all have said, you wont have time to rack it. I also consider liklihood of use- on my daily routine I go from home garage to work lot and park with an armed guard - so I still carry cold sometimes. But if I go ANYWHERE else, Im chambered.
    the holster is also a big reason. most will tell you, dont skimp on a holster. get one that protects it and is reliable, and it will help you have confidence in the condition of your firearm and carry method.

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  10. I live in/travel in Northern NH and VT. Not much of a need to carry hot. If I lived in Bridgeport, CT, I would carry hot always.

  11. Consider this... if you are being charged by a guy with a knife (bat, crowbar, whatever), do you have the time it takes to chamber a round and get on target before he slices your wife up? I don't. Load it. Practic. Be ready, and hope you never need it.

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