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    You carry a concealed wepon on your person outside your home, do you carry while in your home???

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    Yes, yes I do! For comfort sake I carry my Sig P-238 in my pocket while at home and usually wearing t-shirt and sweat shorts.

    A gun free zone is a free kill zone!

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    Always, The CCW goes on my person when I get up and on the bed side table when I go to bed. It ain't no good in the safe if you need it now!

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    Of course we do!
    G'Day and G'lock

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    Always have one pistol on me, or within arms' reach, always.

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    Yes, two of them and a knife in the pocket, and a hunting bow in the corner, a bullwhip on the wall, slingshot in the drawer and ... (Just kidding. LOL)
    But seriously, there are way too many home intrusions to believe you are safe there. The only disadvantage to wearing at home is becoming so comfortable you forget you are wearing it.

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