position for conceal carry guns
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Thread: position for conceal carry guns

  1. position for conceal carry guns

    i have heard some mixed things in where you should or should not carry a gun on your body, one of the things that I have heard is that you should not carry in the small of your back because of the fact that if you fall you could damage your lower vertebra. I would like to hear your thoughts on where the best and worst places are that you could carry a gun.

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    You should carry in whatever position you find the most comfortable. I carry a Ruger P345 IWB w/FBI cant at about the 4 o'clock position.

  4. I carry a Glock 19 at 4 o'clock. Extremely comfortable and no problems printing.

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    I carry in the small of my back, and have done so for quite some time without any troubles. I have also carried IWB at about the 4 o'clock position strong side.

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    I carry iwb at about two o'clock
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    Depends where I am. When I am at ease, no worries, but alert, I carry on my calf. If I am somewhat worried, Glock goes from my right calf, to my left arm pit with no holster, Trigger Block Safety in place. I try to stay out of situations where I need to have my gun that accessible. Once the alert is over, back to my calf.

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    I carry my M1911A1 usually on 4 OWB open or 1-2 IWB concealed. My XD45 at the 4 OWB open, 12-1 IWB concealed low ride, or a horizontal shoulder rig. I want to get this vertical rig I saw for my 1911. I have had many tell me that the 12 is a bad idea.

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    OWB @ 3:00.


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    I love appendix carry. As a woman, it's been the easiest position for me to conceal.

  11. As a woman it is easier for me to carry appendix style, but since I have been trying to find a comfortable holster to carry that way I have had some men tell me that is not a safe way to carry. I personally feel that you carry wherever you are most comfortable. I can see how you could risk a back injury if you fall down carrying in the small of your back, but I think you would have to fall pretty hard to do so.

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