Is there a good 10+1 pocket gun?
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Thread: Is there a good 10+1 pocket gun?

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    Is there a good 10+1 pocket gun?

    I'd like to know what you all think would be best for pocket carry with a 10+1 magazine and decent stopping power.

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    I pocket carry a Glock 26 9mm

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    Look into the new Glock 30S= 45 caliber.

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    My wife and I both carry the SCCY CPX-2 (not to be confused with the SKYY CPX-1) in 9mm. It is capable of carrying 10+1 of 9mm 124gr +P ammo. Never had any issues the weapon firing every time. Street price : $275.00 +/- $25.00.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Everclear View Post
    Look into the new Glock 30S= 45 caliber.
    Thats just a Glock 30 with the same width slide, slimmer frame. So really not much thinner.

    I like my LCR. Only 5 rounds of 357, but has the power of 10 9mm rounds ;)

  7. I myself carry a Sig P220 in .45 caliber. It's only 8 round magazine plus one in the chamber, but if I'm still shooting after putting this much power downrange, I should probably consider running.

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    Not a pocket carry. I like my Ruger SR40C. I would think also M&P Shield, not a pocket carry but super thin and really easily concealed.

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    I don't think you are going to find a true pocket gun that has 10 plus one. Sure I fit my xd sc in my pocket but not a pocket gun. You are looking at shield, p238, p938, nano, lcp, lc9, lc380, and a few of the karh line, I would consider pocket. But none I think are 10+1. Even some of them are pushing it. Did I miss any models? I'm sure I did. Is there a certain caliber or reason you want 10+1?

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  10. I happen to work in a gun store, and had the chance to compare the Glock 30S with my 30SF. The difference is so small, you won't notice it at plain sight. The slide is just 4 millimeters thinner than the slide in the 30 or 30SF. It doesn't make a difference. I'll keep my 30SF.

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    I normally carry Two Five shot 357s. One in the pocket One IWB.

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