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Thread: Looking for new CC gun... any suggestions?

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    Glock!!!! any

    I carry a glock 26. I also have a glock 22. I've never had a misfire on either gun. I've never had to pull my gun out. If the day ever comes that you want to fire, you want it to shoot!!!

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    Whatever you do, don't buy something just based on the answers here. I'm not trying to put anyone down, but with a question like this, you get a bunch of opinions of what works best for OTHER people, not you.
    You'll need to go to a local GS and try out which gun feels better for you with how it feels in your hand, and how it feels and fits in a holster on you.
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    Carrying a gun is a whole new world from just owning and shooting a gun. You have to think about a good gun belt, holster, gun, and proper thinking. Look at videos online about gun safety and proper shooting technique. How will you carry? Inside the Waistband, outside the waistband, pocket, shoulder holster? What caliber do you really need/want? If you get a small gun can you handle the recoil? If you get a full size gun will it conceal? Do you want a pocket gun as a backup? You want to be as comfortable as possible carrying a gun around all day.
    The most popular calibers for CCW are .32 acp, .380 acp, 9mm, .38 special, of course you can carry a larger caliber if you wish. Semi-autos are usually easier to conceal, but some people do prefer revolvers. You have decisions to make and no one can make them for you. People can only suggest things. So start trying to hold and shoot guns to see what is comfortable in your hand. If you like the 9mm there is a ton of choices out there in 9mm, a lot of very good guns. Read gun reviews online.

  5. I carry a SCCY CPX-1 in 9mm its small in size and has a 10 + 1 if you look in april's American rifleman they give a write up on it in the dope bag

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    I am about to purchase a new CC gun as well. After spending some time in my local gun store and reviewing all the models mention above, I decided on the M&P shield in 9mm. The grip and feel of the gun was a real winner for me compared to all the others. I still have my Glock 23 that I carry, but I wanted a slimmer 9mm for summer time / hot weather carry. Next month my state has a "Second Amendment Weekend Sales Tax Holiday" and I will purchase my new Shield then. Good luck on you decision / purchase.

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    The new Sig 938 is great. I have carried a number of 9mm and 40 cal, but this little Sig is very small, lightweight and most important to me having carried an M-1911 for 25 yrs in a tank, has a thumb safety. Carried a nice Kahr CM9 that was ultra light and very accurate, but disliked not having a thumb safety with a round chambered and so close to personal treasures. Same problem with the Ruger LC9. I favor a 45 but guns for this caliber are too big or out of my price range. Not a fan on 9mm as a man stopper, however with Hydra Shok loads at normal short confrontation distance, seems to be OK. I use a King Tuk IWB holster that is very comfortable. Downside with the Sig is the outrageous cost of spare magazines.

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    I specifically went shopping for the Ruger SR40C. I would find a range that rents firearms ( here they are $12/hr ) pick two or three and test them out before you purchase.

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  9. I agree try them before you buy them.

  10. Glock 19 Gen4 and G30s work for me.

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    Just to be clear... I am planning on trying before buying, of course! I have been carrying and know how I prefer to, it's just my current revolver is a bit bulky for summer months. And yes, I am looking for everyone's opinion! Most ranges only have one or two of the guns I am interested in, and to try all of them I would have to go to three or four and drive half-way across the state, along with paying range fees, rental fees (one that had a semi-good selection was PER GUN), and even a state park fee for one of them. So... I take what everyone else thinks, what they like and dislike (if they've given reasons), figure in my tiny hands and long fingers and eliminate anything I can. Such as... if someone really likes Glocks and suggests something else as well as fitting their hands great, I can reasonably assume I won't like the fit because I find Glocks too big and while I can shoot them, it just feels off. So... that's where I was going with this! And thanks, everyone, for all the opinions!

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