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Thread: Looking for new CC gun... any suggestions?

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    Xds or m&p shield! you cant go wrong. Both are well priced and very accurate for what they are. I carry a 1911 full size from nighthawk custom most of the time but when pocket carry is my only option, one of those two are with me. Mostly I choose the xds but only because its a 45acp like my 1911 so I tend to get more practice with it because I don't have to buy an extra box of ammo.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cluznar View Post
    Objee --- If you are looking for a .380 to wear with a IWB holster let me recommend the Bersa Thunder .380 I have one and wear it IWB.
    The Thunder .380 is dependable, accurate, and Bersa stands behind them. It is an all metal gun with enough size to feel like a gun and allow a decent grip. But it also thin enough to be very concealable. I also applaud your choice of carrying a .380 because it is enough gun to do the job, don't let all the big caliber people tell you it's not.

    What ammo do you use for SD load? I have refused to carry a 38sp, even with 147gr soft lead +p. I regard the 380 as an auto version of the 38sp and unable to drop anything but stray cat. Having carried and used an M-1911A1 for many years and never having to hit my enemy a second time, I am a 45 man and have also shied away from 9mm until I was introduced to Hyrda Shok and other potent SD rounds. I have heard from several sources that the 380 was not much of a man stopper but the right size for a ladies caliber. So what's the scoop on hard hitting 380 ammo? I also have a Glock 40 cal for home, but too big to carry.

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    I think lot of folks make judgment error on their guns caliber for carry purposes...if carrying, it's basically one reason - to protect your life & if have to take someone else's if they attack. you want a caliber that can stop them "dead in tracks". any bullet "will kill" if hit right spot. only one bullet that will knock you down in the dirt if you don't even hit a vital spot and that's the 45. There's all kind of good 45s...glock makes good..... a REAL 1911 (not the wannabe lookalike 1911's) ... a 40 caliber and some 9 ammo is fairly good, but still don't have the 'knockdown power.' I prefer 45s. other day walked into gun shop, looking for another 1911, looked down and saw this black gun, thought "looks like a glock, glock style trigger etc"..it was a Springfield XD 45 4 inch compact pistol - and I was surprised how well that thing fits in your hand. great feel. another error folks can make when carrying concealed...they don't pick a good holster. lot of expensive ones out there, but that don't make them 'good.' Am firm believer in the Fobus paddle holster - not just because guaranteed for file and they replace (they have replaced several of mine over 20 yrs, I have six or 7 of them for different guns) - (not because they are used by "Israeli military"), but because they "do what they say they will do" which is rare in holsters. I can carry a 1911 in paddle Fobus, doesn't flop around, stays under shirt, don't stick out and hard for people to know I'm carrying no matter which I carry - holster is a big thing in carrying. Even military is again getting rid of 9mm, going back to 45s. With a 45 you don't have to "kill", it'll knock them down where they won't keep coming. Jim in central Florida
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    I know the main thread topic is choosing a carry gun, but one consideration I used for my arsenal is what is most likely to be available should the SHTF and you need to find ammo wherever you can get it. Interestingly enough, when we had the last ammo shortage, the only thing I noticed in abundance on the shelves was .40 cal. Also interestingly, it's about the only caliber I DON"T own! That said, my pick is still the XDS .45 - accuracy and reliability right out of the box, light, small & makes a big hole.

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    back to the beanpole question of concealment. Checkout 3Speed Holster


  7. I ended up going a different direction. I was looking at the Shield and XDs, then I found a great deal on a Kahr CW45. I just couldn't pass it up. It still is very slim at 1 inch. It holds 6+1 and has a full grip which I like, without an extended mag. I can still get an extended 7 round mag.

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    PattonTC ----- I carry Hornady Critical Defense in my .380 it is excellent carry ammo. There is a video on the net showing Hornady Critical Defense going thru 4 layers of denim and penetrating ballistic gel 11 inches from a .380. In combat I would want a .45 also but for my EDC here I like the .380

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    ON the subject of XDS, note this recall notice:

    Springfield Armory ReCall Registration

  10. After carrying a Glock 23 w/357 Sig barrel in Texas summer heat I've decided to not suffer though another one with the extra concealment clothing. I'm now carrying a perfect (for me) Sig Sauer P938 Blackout. It has a wraparound Hogue rubber grip for greater control and night sights. The best IWB/pocket holster I've used with it is a Remora. With 7+1 of 124Gr GDHP Short Barrel; that's a lot of accurate protection in a very small comfortable pistol. I also can carry two 7 round mags in a belt cell phone case. For cold weather under a jacket I'll keep this setup on as backup for my Glock Perfection.

  11. I just recently shot the Beretta Nano at my local range, and this will most definitely be my next CC gun. Try it if you have not yet.

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