Looking for new CC gun... any suggestions?
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Thread: Looking for new CC gun... any suggestions?

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    Looking for new CC gun... any suggestions?

    My current/first gun ever just decided to break (it's a revolver... from Italy), thus providing me with an excellent reason to go and get a second one. I'm basically a toothpick (very thin), so I was thinking a semiauto would be easier to conceal, especially since it's summer and I don't particularly want tons of layers. I don't really want to drive all over the state looking for ranges that rent the ones I'm interested in, and was hoping someone here would have some suggestions to help me narrow things down!

    I'm thinking 9mm (I'll save the 45s for a full size I can take hiking with me!)... my revolver is .357mag and wow is that expensive to shoot nowadays. Something I could use to practice without going broke would be good. I'm not terribly fond of the idea of tiny pocket guns. I have tiny hands but very long fingers, and already they can get in the way. I'm rather interested in Springfield XDs or M&P Shield, possibly Kahr CM9 or Ruger LC9. Heck, anything around that size that I'll enjoy shooting is good. I'm definitely the type that would forget I have a safety when I needed it off, so something that either doesn't have a thumb safety or one I could leave off would be fine. I'm not a fan of stiff triggers... the Beretta the military used when I was in was so bad I couldn't finish the qualification without switching the finger I was using to shoot with. On the other hand, my DA revolver is fairly heavy, but very smooth, and I'm good with that.

    So... any suggestions? Anything I haven't thought of yet, or are there some I could eliminate?


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    Sig Saur p238

  4. I enjoy carrying my CZ P-01 IWB. It won't ever be as light as the polymers but I don't find myself noticing it anymore. It's a joy to shoot and by far the most natural pointing firearm I have shot so far.

    On a side note. If you enjoyed the .357 and have cost as the only reason to not buy another, you can always shoot 38 special for practice from a .357.

  5. I currently carry a full size S&W M&P 9mm that I love. However, I'll be switching to a S&W M&P .40c for conceal carry as it comes back (ordered last week). Shoots great, and is small enough to conceal.

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    I shot an M&P full size... loved it. However, I really am a bean pole... no idea how I'd conceal it. 5'9" and 120 lbs; hard enough to conceal the one I already have. I'm looking for something easier, so hoping to stay compact or sub-compact. Full-size will be my third gun... when I save enough!

    Also, I got some 38 special to practice with... but the gun broke too soon. Stopped firing after 44 rounds! Too bad, so fun to shoot... Must be a manufacturer issue; at least it's still under warranty.

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    XDs if you want a tiny 9mm. I got a Glock 26, but I'm much larger than you (same height, more round) and I'm happy with it.

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    The XDs is a great gun. I've only shot the 45, but it's very accurate. I carry an XD Subcompact 9 95% of the time. When it's not that one, it's my XD Compact 45.

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    I currently carry a Ruger SR9C. I love it. Everyone I've had shoot it loves it. My 11 year old daughter shoots it, if that helps with hand size. It's accurate, recoil is very manageable, and the trigger is pretty nice. I've shot the XDS 45, a Taurus in .40, .380 S&W BodyGuard, Ruger LC9, and several others. For me, recoil matters. If I can't shoot 100 to 200 rounds at the range and feel great, it's too heavy. I have a 4" .44 Magnum that I love, but the recoil is a bit heavy to get back on target fast, and 100 rounds would be brutal.

    Of those mentioned above, I really disliked the LC9 and the Taurus .40. The recoil and grip were uncomfortable for my hands. The .380 was small, and recoil was easy. And it was accurate. The XDS 45 is heavier recoil, and I wish it had a rubberized grip (that would help). That said, I'm in the process of looking for a smaller gun. I'm not sure I want to introduce anther caliber (.380) into my collection, so I'm considering the Kahr CM9 (9mm). I'm told many police carry those off duty or as BUGs. Sig makes a super nice .380 as well. Also considering a Kel-Tec PF9. The Kahr is really narrow, but the grip feels good in my hand. I dress 'tight', meaning tucked shirts. Width of gun matters more than length.

    Other things to consider are if you want to add night sights, a laser, etc. My SR9C had to go to a Gunsmith to add night sights. It was really not trivial. But it has a Picatinny rail. On the other hand, my Ruger LCR has a night sight. I'm more accurate point shooting it vs. using the sight. I recommend people don't get the LCR with night sight now if a less expensive version is available. Hope some of that helps. - WingRider

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    I like my Glock 23 (compact) which is .40 S&W (not as cheap to shoot as a 9mm but knock-down power for personal defense is greater - sure to be debatable by some). No external safety, 13 +1, lower profile than a revolver and like a revolver...pull the trigger and it goes BANG.

    Best advice...shoot'em before you buy'em! My brother bought a S&W M&P in .40, when I shot it the gun kept twisting in my hand so much that I had to re-grip it after every shot. I need a fatter gun that I can grip better. I was thinking about getting one because of all the hype (not saying they aren't good guns) but won't buy one because it doesn't work for me.
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    Not a fan of stiff triggers, and not a fan of safeties. Well, that should narrow down the field a bit.

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