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Thread: Righty Tighty, Lefty Loosy?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Steve2511 View Post
    I would be concerned about what you are sweeping with a cross draw.
    If you're ever in a self defense situation in a crowded environment there's a high likelihood that sweeping or flagging unintended individuals is going to be unavoidable regardless of carry method. That's exactly why keeping your booger hook off the bang switch so damn important.

    With that said, I still prefer 4:00. I can draw my weapon much more discreetly that way if I should ever need to.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NavyLCDR View Post
    One reason for cross draw is if the gun is not the only weapon the person carries. Some people must use non-lethal weapons as their primary weapons and the gun is only the back up weapon. In that situation, on the job, it would make sense to carry the primary non-lethal weapon strong side and the gun on the weak side. It is counter productive to carry in one way on the job and another way off duty when there is no real need to.

    The historically accurate way for a Naval Officer to carry their sidearm, for example, is cross draw, because their primary weapon would be the sword they carried strong side.
    I carry the opposite. Taser or baton is cross draw and weapon is strong side.

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    Perhaps the fastest gun in all the old west was Wes Hardin. He wore 2 guns - vest high and cross drawn. With sufficient practice it can be quick and safe. It is all in the trigger finger discipline.
    Summer I use pocket or right side on hip at 3 o'clock(Long untucked shirts). Winter I go shoulder or vest pocket cross draw. In the car for long trips I like the shoulder holster. In the boat it stays in the glove box.
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    As a young shooter, 60 years ago, my first instructer was my dad, and safty was drilled into my head and out my ears. I was also taught to treat my shooting bubbies with respect. There have been many timed I've left the range because someone was not being safe with their weapon. My friends know how I am, when it comes to saftey. Thanks for letting me spout off.

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    Discussing different ways to carry, I have a question.
    As a back-up or even as a primary carry depending on the situation. I was thinking about small of back carry> As a back up I would carry it to access with my right hand. My actual question is that I have only seen small of back holsters that have the grip pointing up. Because of rotator cuff problems I think it might be easier with the grip pointing down. That would mean that the back of my hand would be against my back> I don't see it as a problem that as I draw I bring my hand and the gun right down...the barrel would be pointing until I got it from behind my back and up and around into position which would negate me sweeping myself. With the grip pointing up you could not really sweep yourself. The barrel would be down as you brought the gun into position. It's just easier for me grabbing the gun with the grip down,sliding my hand between my back and gun.
    If I haven't bored you or been unclear...your comments please.
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