New Texas CHL rules
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Thread: New Texas CHL rules

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    New Texas CHL rules

    Just posted this in the handgun section, but it is of such great interest that I didn't think admin would mind if I included it here as well:

    Just found this out in the nick of time for my 3rd renewal:

    Texas Concealed Handgun License Renewals:

    As of September 1, 2013 class time and range time not required for CHL renewals.

    Previously, for 3rd time renewals, only the firing portion was required, with the classroom only required every 10 years.
    Then, online application without any class or range time for 3rd renewals.
    Now, it looks like ALL renewals are exempt from any class or range time.

    Will be greatly interested if it in fact becomes true on Sept 1.

    Renewals : Texas Concealed Handgun License

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    Wow, you had to re-take a firing test every renewal and had to go back through classroom every 10? WHY do people say TX is so gun friendly they appear to be anything but. Minus being shall issue there is a LOT of control in place their.

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