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  1. New to concealed carry

    I just recently purchased my first handgun. I took my concealed carry class right when I turned 21 last year. Since then I carried numerous guns that were either my father's or uncle's. After about one year of researching pistols, I decided a S&W M&P .40c was the best choice for me. I've put around 200 rounds through it, and am still very much happy with my decision. I just wanted to thank everyone in this forum and others like it for helping me make an informed decision. I enjoy reading the stories and experiences that many of you older members have to share.

    Thanks again,

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    Congrats, you have a fine weapon and take care of it, it will take care of you.

    I see you've been lurking for about a year... join in on all the fun we have here.
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    Congrats on purchasing a great gun and obtaining your CCW. I rotate my M&P 40c, M&P 9c and Glock 19 as my concealed carry weapons of choice. Welcome!

  5. Congrats, good choice and be safe. Welcome from Washington.

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    Welcome to the world of CCW.

    I've been carrying for over 31 years and after awhile it will seem like second nature and you'll feel naked without a gun.

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    Greetings, oh, and prepare a large drawer for all the holsters you will inevitably collect There's no escaping it. Just enjoy. Good to have you aboard, from one of those "Old Guys" (self portrait).
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    I amnew to this also. I hope we can both learn a lot from the old timers on the site

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    Congrats and welcome. Learn as much as you can. Practice as much as your wallet will allow. And when you think you have it down pat, practice even more.
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    Good choice of weapon. Luckily, S&W 40 are still somewhat available during the recent ammo shortage.

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    Greetings from Richmond/Rosenberg, TX
    Congrats on a wise decision.

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