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  1. Moving from Pennsylvania to Texas

    Hi, i'm planning on moving from PA to TX within the next few weeks. I got my concealed carry permit for PA about a year ago and I did look to see if i could carry in TX (i am allowed) but when i move would i be required to renew in the state of Texas? or will my PA permit still be applicable.

    any responses would be greatly appreciated!

  3. most likely would have to apply for a texas resident license, the moment you become a resident of tx you become a non-resident of pa, which would probably invalidate a resident pa license. your absolute best bet would be to contact the tx ag office, try to get something in writing.

  4. Your permit is good in PA as a state resident, if you relocate to texas, you are no longer a PA state resident and are a Texas resident which makes your PA permit invalid. You have to have a permit IN the state of your resident.

    There was just a story on here not too long ago about a guy going to jail for almost the same thing. He had a home in GA I think and was working in Marylard, and was pull over and ended up getting a felony weapons charge. Stupid, but still the law and you do NOT want to mess up on a gun law.

    Good luck on the move.

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    This should answer any questions. It is simple to get a PA Non-Resident Permit/License. Starting 3/31/11 PA will no longer issue by mail. You
    have to make a trip to PA to apply. If they do not issue it to you in your short visit they will mail you the
    permit/license when it is approved.

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