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Thread: Does anyone know about Concealed Carry Insurance?

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    I've been a member of Armed Citizens Legal Defense Network for almost 3 years. Very helpful and knowledgeable folks--great educational videos and website. I'm very happy with them and the price is more than fair

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    I believe several of these have agreements with lawyers throughout the area they cover. They say the lawyers are pro 2nd Amendment. I know I have received ads from USCCA in which they will run specials and have different levels of coverage, the amount of liability that is covered. As mentioned, the best thing would be to check out each of those mentioned, if you are wanting or considering taking out their insurance. See which you trust the most or fits you best.
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    Ok, Second Call, Armed Citizen Legal Defense Network, and USCCA are not insurance policies. They are membership programs that provide assistance in the event of an armed encounter. To the average person, it looks and tastes like an insurance, but they are not. If you would like more information, please PM me.

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    Concealed Carry IS your insurance!

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    Does anyone know about Concealed Carry Insurance?

    Us concealed carry assn is great. And their magazine is always read twice. Check out their www

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    Again? Not sure how many times this has been brought up but it is more than once, because I know I have replied more than once with my ounce of wisdom. Just remember that the premium collection department of an insurance company is a heck of a lot larger and a heck of a lot more intrusive than the benefits department. It is bad enough when the black and white of say an accident or a travel problem or even a death in the family are being looked at by the insurance company prior to payout, but the immense gray area of a CC shooting is fertile ground for a denial, which is probably going to happen on that first conversation with the company after a shoot. Not sure how you can do true due diligence but you better make a try at it. The real answer to this question is called situational awareness (SA) use your intelligence and common sense about where, when, how you do things 24/7 and minimize your "what if" to a statistically minute possibility because you never made a bad decision about where or when you were doing something. It is part of what I call the Plaxico Burris discussion--this former NY Giants receiver shot himself in leg with unlicensed firearm and told investigators he "thought he might need the gun when he went "clubbing"". He was told that perhaps he should not have decided to go somewhere where he needed a firearm and then got 2 years or so to think about his stupid choices.

  8. CCW Safe

    I'm with CCW Safe. They have great communication and what seems to be the perfect product.

  9. Yes there is a bond offered by NSI which is a division of West Bend Insurance Company the cost is $100 a year for $50,000 of coverage or $175 a year for $100,000 of coverage if you are intersted you can contact me at [email protected] I hope to have the bond and the ability to complete the application on my web site Hunt Club Insurance ? Jim Longhway Wisconsin Hunt/Trap Club Insurance Hunt Club Insurance ? Jim Longhway in 60 days.

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    Texas Law Shield (US Law Shield) outside of Texas. You have to live South of the Mason Dixon line right now to be covered but they are great. This is not "insurance" but a prepaid legal team. They will be with you every step of the way if you are arrested while legally carrying/shooting. They have CHL and non-CHL options. Message me if you need contact information.

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    There's also this: Armed Citizens' Legal Defense Network, Inc. It's NOT insurance, it's a fund that can be used in legal defense if you're ever involved in a self defense shooting. I'm a member.

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