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Thread: Want to Know best way to Conceal Carry for a portly man?

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    I'm 6', 265# and I carry a G23 or a G27 @ 4o'clock in a Galco KingTuk with a Wilderness Instructor 5-stitch belt. It is the most comfortable IWB holster I have found. I wear an A-shirt under and a T-shirt over and go on about my way. I'm wide thru the chest and shoulders, so a 3xl shirt fits up top and is just loose enough at the bottom for good concealment.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Glock20 View Post
    It is not the gun, or the position you try to carry it in, as much as it is: 1: your gun belt & 2: Your gun holster. If you are not wearing a top quality Instructor belt, especially being heavy, you may never be comfortable. www.thewilderness.com. Easy-Fit Original Instructor Belt Sizes to 15X. Spend time reading about the belts, and go as stiff as possible to get the most control. Suspenders also help. Never see a fireman at a fire without them.
    ^ What he said about a good gun belt.

    I have a Wilderness Instructors belt(not the easy fit) 5 stitch stiffness. It makes a big difference.

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    I'm new to the forum and was thinking about asking the same question that started this thread. Thanks all for the advice, now it looks like I need to experiment.

    I'm a shade under 6 foot and 300 lbs. Yes, I am trying to lose weight and agree that is an essential part of the equation, however other health issues make that difficult. I haven't yet found a way to carry my full size M&P 9mm in my Galco King Tuk without printing. What gets me is the grip, so I've been slowly adjusting the holster to cant the grip forward a bit more. I'd been trying to make 2 o'clock work, though maybe I'll follow the consensus here and try 3 to 4 instead.

    In the meantime, I carry my LC9 in my front pocket when I carry. So far that has been the most comfortable and easily concealed, but I'd really hate to have to draw quickly. Thanks again for the great info and I look forward to learning a lot.

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