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    Quote Originally Posted by RossA View Post
    Ahem. Ameliaking, if you will post a pic or two of your thighs, I'm sure we can help you choose the right holster for you!
    OK, OK, it was just a suggestion!
    lmao! Nice try...

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    Holster for a slender woman

    Search on Internet kangaroo carry! I'm buying one because I was so impressed!

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    Seen these the other day and thought they were pretty cool for women.

    Warrior Creek

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    [QUOTE=Rhino;461927]There is a womens subforum on this site <SNIP>

    LET's GO !

    I'm all for (armed) womens....

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    check out some of the videos by fate of destiny on utbe! Small framed woman and she carries everything up to 1911 with a five inch barrel! I carry the same weapon. she hides it better than I do!!! (Im a 6'1" man who weighs 225lbs and has a chest that is 15 inches larger than my belt.) Its very impressive how she makes that weapon disappear. Its all in the holster. PS my baby sister and my girlfriend both smaller framed women find the galco v-hawk very comfortable. It "doesn't make the pistol butt dig into their ribs the way many inside the waistband holsters do". I heard them talk about it so much that I tried one and its been the every day home for my nighthawk 1911 5". And get the metal clips to replace the belt loops galco website $10.

  7. I am a tiny woman and I'm like 5'2 and I weigh like 98 pounds. I carry a S&W Bodyguard .380 and my holster in the Remora three in ond holster and I LOVE it. I wear tight fitted clothing and it still fits perfect. The awesome thing is that the Remora three in one can be worn as a thigh holster as well. Honestly I have not tried doing so but I have heard that it is comfortable.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ameliaking View Post
    I have been searching for a comfortable thigh holster for my S&W airweight. I've tried on many but they've all been, still, too bulky. Any recommendations (with website preferred) is appreciated.

    Thank you!
    First and foremost, welcome to the forums and congrats with your first post.

    From ladies that I know that carry the .38 snubs, some of them have recommended highly the thigh holster from Nevada Leather.

    Thigh Holster

    I hope this helps.
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