Holster for a slender woman
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  1. Holster for a slender woman

    I have been searching for a comfortable thigh holster for my S&W airweight. I've tried on many but they've all been, still, too bulky. Any recommendations (with website preferred) is appreciated.

    Thank you!

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    I don't remember the video, but look for FaliaPhotography on youtube. She's a slender woman who conceals daily, and she does use a thigh holster. I don't have one (yet) but she has one she likes. She's about my size (I'm taller but we're both about the same waist size), so I go there whenever I need to find a solution. Definitely recommend subscribing! She has a lot of great reviews, and a pair of cute dogs.

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    Here is the complete url for the vid telpinaro is talking about
    or the entire video:

    This is the text she added to her vid:
    MORE INFO AT http://www.FaliaReviews.com - Note added 7/18/13: First, I wouldn't recommend this holster unless you have a lightweight gun like the Ruger LCR. A heavy gun most likely won't stay up! Second, you need your own garter belt to clip this thigh holster to. I bought an inexpensive lacy one from a Victoria's Secret semi-annual sale and it works fine for me. Third (this is super important!), I think all ladies interested in thigh carry would be better off purchasing a Remora Thigh Holster instead - When I got my Clament thigh holster, Remora didn't make one yet - But now that they do, it's less expensive, you'll get it quicker, you don't need your own garter (the elastic leg strap works well), and it'll give you a good taste of what thigh carry is like. Since making my Clament thigh holster video, he has TRIPLED his prices! Not great business ethics in my opinion.

    There is another woman posting some good vids, all about shooting and defense. She is LIMATUNES and/or LIMALIFE.

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    You found it! I don't know why it wasn't coming up in my search. Thanks!

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    My current weapon is an ancient 38 special, it is rather bulky and I am a small person. Unfortunately the bra holsters don't work (until I loose some weight) Any suggestions. I usually wear loose fitting clothing

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    Ahem. Ameliaking, if you will post a pic or two of your thighs, I'm sure we can help you choose the right holster for you!
    OK, OK, it was just a suggestion!

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    Quote Originally Posted by RossA View Post
    Ahem. Ameliaking, if you will post a pic or two of your thighs, I'm sure we can help you choose the right holster for you!
    OK, OK, it was just a suggestion!
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    Oh... I'm sorry there was a holster review in the video... must have missed it.
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    As a small woman, albeit not very slender, I'm always encountering problems with finding the right holster. I finally found a place that offers merchandise just for me. Check out The Well Armed Woman (Holsters). She has quite a few holsters for sale with accompanying videos. She is very knowledgeable, her exchange policy is pretty good and she's very helpful if you have any issues. I own two of her holsters. Although they are not what you're looking for now I also use and recommend the following two holsters: The Remora (The Official Store of the Original Remora "No Clip" IWB Concealment Holster) and the Ghost Belt (Concealed Carry Holsters). For small CC they work great for me.

    Good luck in your search.

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    There is a womens subforum on this site that you might find useful:
    Women & Guns
    Falia has her own channel on YouTube. There's a lot more than just that one video. Not everything on her channel is gun related, but quite a bit of it is.
    FALIA REVIEWS - Guns, Gear, Survival - YouTube
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