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Thread: N82 Tactical Original vs Pro

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    N82 Tactical Original vs Pro

    Greetings! The last few months I've been carrying my Glock 27 G4 with a Crossbreed Supertuck Deluxe. I carry everyday between 14 and 18 hours. While I'm not unhappy with it I'm not totally satisfied. I've seen around the N82 Tactical products. I was hoping some of you have experience with it. My real question comes down to this: is there any discernible difference between the Supertuck and Professional Series when it comes to fit, comfort and PRINTING? I'm not a slim guy so this is important.

    On a separate note, has anyone used the N82 Original and the Pro series that can provide some insight to any major differences in printing and functionality?

    Thanks everyone!

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    I only have the original. That style will handle multiple guns. The pro version is gun specific. They are great holsters.
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    I have & use N82 Pro for Kahr cm9....it is a fantastic holster, and is gun specific, locks the gun in and won't come out of the holster unless the gun is 'rotated' a few degrees when you grab the gun's grip...also have the crossbreed for same gun... I use the N82 exclusively... very easy on & off and never prints...VERY comfortable.

    Because of the N82, I have the preverbial drawer full of 'other' unused holsters.

  5. I heard nothing but good on the Pro. I've being thinking about get one myself, I have the crossbreed mini for my XDs .45 and love it. I don't have too many holster but I going to have to put one of these in my pick. On the other gun forums like this their are member that praise them.

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