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  1. Appendix holster question

    I'm looking to try out the appendix method. Some manufacturers have appendix specific models, and they don't seem any different then the adjustable cant models that are not. Is there something I am missing?

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    I carry a gun in the appendix position, both a Ruger LCR 38 spl, and a RIA in 45 acp, and find it very comfortable and easy to get to my gun when needed. YMMV, as it is not for everyone.
    I am old and slow, BUT dead on with my aim!!

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    The ones that are properly made ride a little lower than a strong side inside the waist band. Ones that are not properly made just have a different label on the packaging. But I would personally recommend against this type of carry. It has no realistic advantages over strongside iwb. It is uncomfortable and impossible to access when sitting. If your weapon has a beaver tail it will dig into your stomach. When walking the barrel digs into your thigh unless you have a weapon with a barrel length shorter than a J frame. Unless you wear your pants either above your lower ribs or below your butt.
    Most importantly remember the two main reasons all LEOs (except some K9 handlers) wear at the 3-5 oclock.

    1) Most self defense shootings begin as a fist fight. A typical weak hand forward fighting stance places your torso between your attacker and your weapon.
    2) When facing an potential attacker ( such as a seemingly disturbed man with a knife standing 20 yards away in a parking lot yelling obscenities at your little sister for no conceivable reason (been there). You have the option to face the threat, take a small step forward with your weak side leg and draw your weapon holding it behind your back with out it being seen. Having been in this situation my carry choice allowed me to not incite an attacker (who by the way finally thought better of his actions and got in his truck and drove away) by showing him my weapon and didn't give away the tactical surprise of having a weapon. But I was totally confident that had he decided to charge, I could have gotten my weapon up quickly enough to take a shot placed well enough to disable him before he reached her.

    Hope this helps

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    Might check out this link:
    Confessions of an Appendix Carry Convert | The Truth About Guns

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