So.. I am looking for a new CC gun
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Thread: So.. I am looking for a new CC gun

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    So.. I am looking for a new CC gun

    I am on the look out for a new CCW. I tested out the XDs 45 and thought it was to small for the caliber. I am looking for something pocket sized. Caliber non-specific, however, I am prone to fire 9mm as it is the caliber I am most used to. I like all metal framed handguns. Hammer fired preferably. It is hard when most gun stores with ranges only rent out certain firearms. Mostly polymer framed. What do you guys do when testing out new guns. I am in TX right now. Looking for a little input.

  3. I don't believe you will find a pocket sized pistol in 9mm. All I have sern are .380. You can try the Ruger LC9, Taurus 709, Beretta Nano or SW MP Shield, but all are too large to be called pocket guns. I carry a Glock 30 SF, cal .45. It is rated as sub compact and I csrry it IWB comfortably.

  4. That I know, there are not pocket size pistols with metal frame.

  5. I have not seen all metal kimber makes several sub compact but pricey I carry glock 26 I like the ability to cc with it u can purchase mag extenders for 6.00 that allows u the full grip

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    My XDs .45 fits the front pocket in some of my pants. If you liked the XDs except for the caliber, it's available in 9mm. Sig makes the P938 9mm, which is only slightly larger than their .380 P238...
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    My pocket 9mm is a Sig P290RS, in a De Santis pocket holster I carry it when my attire will not permit a G-17 AIWB. It comes with good night sights, a laser, 6 rd. & 8 rd. magazines, and a sig OWB molded paddle holster. It has a Polymer frame and a hammer fired DAO action, which I had to practice with some to get used to (long time G-17 shooter) . The recoil is a little "Snappy" with my EDC carry rounds (Hornady 135gr +P Critical Duty) but not really bad. All in all the 290RS is a good pocket gun on the expensive side, but mine certainly lives up to Sig's reputation for quality.

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    I don't care too much for Glocks,the main reason is I had an XD .45 Full Size and could never find a holster for it. I wanted a second firearm and wanted it to be a .40 S&W and after a few months of searching and watching YouTube videos I settled with the Beretta PX4 Storm Full Size. I ordered it and fell in love with it so much I sold my XD .45,my favorite caliber, and bought me a Beretta PX4 Storm .45 ACP Full Size. I loved my XD but the safety is what I grew to dislike. I was scared to carry it with a round chambered because the grip safety was off when you grabbed it and the trigger safety could snag something and shoot your self. It's not fun I shot my hand with it loaded with Hornady Critical Defense HP trying to clean it one day it's a long story. You can get the PX4 in three sizes Compact,Sub-Compact,and Full Size. It has a decocker safety on it. It turns the firing pin away from the hammer and the trigger will not lock it moves freely without firing. It's single and double action. It's not an all metal firearm. My babies I colored the letters in.
    So.. I am looking for a new CC gun-colored-letters.jpg

  9. +1 on the P938. Just a bit bigger than my S&W 380 Bodyguard. Love that gun, the 938 but still carry the 380 as my EDC.

  10. Neveragain, the topic is pocket guns. If you shot shot yourself cleaning the pistol you may be needing some training.

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    The pistol I use to conceal carry is the Smith&Wesson SD9 VE. It is easy to use and I love the way it shoots easily. It may or may not be for you, but at least take a look at it if you can find one at your local gun store. Another one is the Beretta 92FS. It is also a good pistol in my opinion.

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